Unlocking Value Through Social Impact: Insights from Fitwel Social Performance Webinar #2

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Our recent webinar, the second in our Fitwel Social Performance series, delved into the business case behind Fitwel Social Performance. This session featured insights from Joanna Frank, President and CEO of Fitwel, and Philippa Gill, Executive Director of Strategic Accounts at EVORA Global. They explored the intersection of health, economic evidence, and the optimisation of…

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How Does ESG Data Bolster Real Asset Strategies and Bootstrap CapEx Decisions?

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We ask Ben Rouncefield-Swales, EVORA’s Global Head of Data Operations, how robust ESG data drives strategic financial decisions. The result? Real assets that are environmentally sustainable, socially positive, and credible, inspiring investor trust and confidence. Hi Ben, What obstacles arise when using ESG data insights for sustainable real asset investments?  Navigating the sustainability landscape for…

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Fitwel Announces Certified Metrics Pilot to Substantiate Value & Risk

In Collaboration with EVORA Global, New Pilot Marks Codification of Metrics Connecting Health and Well-Being to “S” in ESG for Commercial Real Estate Industry  Fitwel®, the healthy building certification platform operated by the Center for Active Design (CfAD) and Active Design Advisors Inc. (Adai), announced today the launch of its Certified Metrics pilot in partnership…

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Social Reporting – Where to start?

Although ESG has by now been around for some time, in truth businesses have only been taking the S seriously for a few years. The social sector is very much environmental’s little sister. And, as with any emerging sector, the quality of metrics can vary and this can be a challenge for any organisation looking…

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Why Social Wellbeing?

EVORA Global is delighted to launch its newest Service Line this month: Social Wellbeing. After months of preparation, we are now able to offer Social Wellbeing services to our clients as we continue to move towards delivering truly comprehensive E, S and G support to the industry. Social disruption from climate change, inequality and public…

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