Born from a desire to protect our future. One real estate project at a time.



Sustainability advisory

In 2011 Chris, Paul and Ed - passionate about sustainability - began offering consultancy services to the real estate industry.

Soon they recognised that something more was needed. Something to help them make sense of the volume of ESG data they were receiving. Data that, if arranged correctly, would help the industry significantly reduce its global carbon emissions.


Data - driven ESG solutions

In 2013, SIERA was launched - EVORA’s proprietary sustainability data management software. Developed uniquely for the real estate investment market.

Now the investment community had the data-driven solution it demanded for so long. The platform to make crucial decisions around ESG capital allocation. The tool to leave traditional short-term yields and tax optimisation behind and focus on sustainability.


Our Values



Every voice matters. We promote participation and accessibility at all business levels to foster a culture of openness, honesty, and transparency for positive change


Client Focus

Our customers are central to everything we do. We focus on understanding their unique needs to drive personalised solutions for successful outcomes.



Creativity fuels our solutions. We foster agile thinking to provide our clients with unparalleled services that makes a real impact on investment resilience



Excellence is our starting point. We share topical thought leadership, educational training, and industry insight to exceed expectations and stand out from the crowd


Helping real estate achieve its sustainability goals

Today, EVORA’s 200-strong team provides expert insights to over 150 clients with more than $1tn of assets under management.

Using a combination of human insights and technology, EVORA helps clients to break tradition. To set sustainable investment strategies. Then implement and monitor them.

As we focus on net zero and a sustainable future, our mastery of sustainable real assets combined with relentless client focus will continue to set the tone for real asset portfolio construction.


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Mission and Purpose

Our Purpose: To accelerate the adoption of real asset sustainability and enhance the wellbeing of the planet and its people.
Our Mission: To establish sustainability and carbon as foundational factors for investment decisions.


As an organisation working in the sustainability space, at EVORA Global our vision is to improve the wellbeing of our planet and people. We recognise the role of equity, diversity and inclusion to achieve this goal and its impact on our society, business, and employees.

We are committed to building a diverse workforce that is representative of society and our customer base. We are particularly focused on ensuring that structural inclusion is at the heart os how our business operates - right from how we support our team to how we engage with our customers and supply chain. We are dedicated to creating an environment where our employees thrive and belong.