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Anticipating Actions and Metrics for the EU Social Impact Investment Taxonomy

July 23, 2021/by Gemma Graham

It’s getting hot in here! Heat risk to buildings

July 14, 2021/by Jack Miller

Is the sustainability report the right place for storytelling?

July 12, 2021/by Joanna Tomlinson

ESG Data is Growing Up

June 17, 2021/by Sonny Masero

Nature: the next challenge for sustainable finance?

June 8, 2021/by Alice Green

Will Minimum EPC ratings of B come into force?

June 4, 2021/by Paul Sutcliffe

The case for ESG in Real Estate Debt

May 27, 2021/by Alice Green

EVORA Global becomes PRI Signatory

May 13, 2021/by EVORA

Human-Centric Metrics in Sustainability: What can EVORA do for our people and communities?

April 22, 2021/by EVORA

EVORA Global strengthens its presence in Europe with new operations in Iberia

April 21, 2021/by EVORA

Forward-looking ESG data

April 1, 2021/by Sonny Masero

EVORA Global announces the hire of Ayosha Orth as Associate Director – SIERA Business Development, to further drive its expansion across Europe

April 1, 2021/by EVORA

EVORA Global leads HECF to winning coveted ESG award

March 26, 2021/by Oliver Pye

Market Intelligence Report | January – March 2021

March 26, 2021/by EVORA

Review of the latest PRI Reporting Framework

March 10, 2021/by Eleanor Hughes

Designing Buildings with Women in Mind

March 8, 2021/by Lucy Curtis

Insights into the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment and Key Changes for 2021

March 3, 2021/by EVORA

Disentangling ‘Community Engagement’, ‘Social Value’ and ‘Impact Investing’

February 24, 2021/by Alice Buckby

EVORA Global welcomes Verena Lücking to the Germany Team

February 4, 2021/by EVORA

Building Back Better the Potential of Infrastructure

February 4, 2021/by EVORA

Energy Optimisation Resolutions for 2021

January 20, 2021/by Stuart Leaver

The State of Corporate Sustainability Reporting in the EU

January 8, 2021/by Joanna Tomlinson

GRESB + SIERA = Success

January 4, 2021/by Matt Matthias

Fourth Consecutive Year Sector Leader Status for Hines in the 2020 GRESB Real Estate Survey

December 16, 2020/by EVORA

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