Leading sustainability management software for the real estate world

“We chose SIERA because it has been specifically designed for the commercial real estate investment market.

It is practical and intuitive to use and helps simplify the many complexities of sustainability analysis and reporting, especially GRESB.”

Charlotte Jacques, Head of Sustainability, Schroder Real Estate

SIERA is a practical, innovative and easy-to-use environmental management software system, designed to deal with today’s stringent reporting requirements.

SIERA holds all your environmental data in one secure database with powerful validation tools to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your data. Intelligent modelling capability achieves a range of reporting requirements, which are otherwise complex and resource-intensive to produce. This includes production of both regulatory reports and benchmark surveys such as GRESB.

And while you can be confident you have a unique and robust database to hold and model your data, all reports are fully formatted into Excel, giving you familiarity and ease of use.

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SIERA is already managing billions of pounds worth of real estate, and is being rapidly adopted by large organisations across the globe.

Isn’t it time you used SIERA, too?

Easy and error-free reporting

  • Powerful Reporting Capability

    Portfolios can be sliced and diced, and applied against an array of reports, which can be exported fully formatted into Excel to deliver:

    • Regulatory reporting – CRC, GHG
    • External benchmark reporting – GRESB, INREV
    • In-house performance management analysis and reporting
    • Detailed Monitoring & Targeting to reduce energy consumption
  • Data Capture From Multiple Sources

    All your environmental data captured in one robust database:

    • Simple online portal
    • Bulk data load from CSV or Excel
    • Direct AMR feed
    • Auto-synchronisation of data with other systems
  • Sophisticated Validation Tools

    Delivering completeness and accuracy of data:

    • Data values highlighted outside defined thresholds
    • Data gaps and overlaps identified
    • Data errors or unknown records identified
    • Clear validation reports generated
  • Intelligent Data Modelling

    SIERA cleverly models the data to achieve a range of reporting requirements, which are otherwise complex and resource-intensive to produce:

    • Comparable year-on-year portfolio performance analysis through like-for-like and degree day adjusted utility data
    • Complexities of CRC and GRESB reporting auto-modelled in SIERA
    • Lease expiries and breaks analysed against EPC data to profile MEES risks

Find out how SIERA transforms your data capture and reporting, saving you time, stress, and money. Speak to our experts today.