Unlocking Value Through Social Impact: Insights from Fitwel Social Performance Webinar #2

Blurred photo capturing the dynamic atmosphere of a modern open-plan office with people engaged in discussion and work.

Our recent webinar, the second in our Fitwel Social Performance series, delved into the business case behind Fitwel Social Performance. This session featured insights from Joanna Frank, President and CEO of Fitwel, and Philippa Gill, Executive Director of Strategic Accounts at EVORA Global. They explored the intersection of health, economic evidence, and the optimisation of…

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Decarbonising Real Estate Portfolios for Sustainable Growth

The fact that sustainability is an essential part of a business strategy has not escaped anyone working in the real asset industry. As a primary contributor to carbon emissions, real assets must rapidly decarbonise, safeguard durable value, and mitigate reputational risks.   How can real asset investors pivot towards sustainable practices without compromising profitability?  …

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Challenges in Data Collection and Overcoming Them: Insights for the Real Asset Investment Industry

Understanding the landscape of data collection in the real asset investment sector involves addressing specific challenges that need careful solutions. This article examines three key areas: the complexity of data sources, the importance of traceability and quality, and the impact of data structure on property transactions. EVORA’s Chief Data Officer Magnus Hornef provides solutions to…

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