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Unlock Social Excellence with Certified Metrics

Elevate the social and investment value of your real assets with our pioneering social benchmark certification.


EVORA and Fitwel join forces

At EVORA, we’re proud to introduce a groundbreaking initiative that leverages our exclusive partnership with Fitwel to set a standardised framework for social wellbeing and real asset value. We’re pioneering a Certified Metrics pilot programme for the new Certified Metrics framework, making this venture truly exceptional.

This initiative aims to enhance wellbeing in living and working environments, benefitting residents, occupants, and communities, while formalising the assessment of social wellbeing in real estate. Our joint launch of Fitwel's evidence-based Certified Metrics framework will provide valuable data insight, support compliance and ESG submissions, and enable industry performance rankings within the real asset and investment sector.


Certified Metrics pilot programme

Our journey commences with the Certified Metrics pilot programme, a pioneering effort aimed at establishing a new global standard for social performance in real assets and investments. Through this initiative, professionals in the real estate and investment sectors will gain the unprecedented ability to measure social performance across diverse geographic regions and compare it with industry peers for the first time.

We’re currently in the process of assembling an exclusive group of around 300 real asset clients in Europe and North America who share our vision. These forward-thinking participants will become part of the first-generation benchmarked certification programme – and rigorously assessed against Fitwel’s supporting metrics and targeted outcomes for health and wellbeing. The resulting data will undergo meticulous analysis to create the new industry-standard Certified Metrics. Join us on this extraordinary journey towards a more socially responsible and sustainable future.



Stay ahead in the social race

The Certified Metrics pilot programme is all about bringing consistency and clarity to the real asset and investment sector. The outcomes will emphasise the critical role of social elements, assess the industry’s readiness to report on these aspects, and ensure that any crucial social components overlooked in the initial version are included in the final certification.

This is your chance to be at the forefront of a transformative movement. Seize this unique opportunity and join the pilot programme before the market release in 2024 to get ahead of the crowd.

Optimise asset value with Certified Metrics

Certifying the social impact of your assets doesn’t just benefit occupants – it also amplifies your real asset’s appeal to shareholders, boosting your portfolio’s value. Social excellence is the key to unlocking hidden value in your investments.

Supporting High-Quality Environments

Assess the effectiveness of your projects and portfolios in addressing fundamental environmental health hazards such as air and water quality, noise, maintenance, and more. By doing so, you enhance sustainability and overall wellbeing, benefitting both your assets and the community.

Fostering Climate Change Resilience and Preparedness

Assess how well your projects and portfolios mitigate and adapt to the challenges posed by climate change, emergencies, and disasters. By safeguarding real asset resilience, you ensure the long-term stability of your buildings and your valuable investments.

Engaging with Occupants and Community Stakeholders

Leverage social metrics to gauge collaboration and the resolution of stakeholder concerns. By incorporating feedback and nurturing engagement within projects and portfolios, you build stronger connections and more sustainable relationships.

Advancing Equity

Harness social metrics to appraise the successful execution of policies and interventions that guarantee safe access to opportunities, spaces, and health for all occupants and employees. Empower your real assets to promote inclusivity and drive positive change.

Optimising Assets for Walking and Active Transportation

Assess the effectiveness of creating an environment that promotes sustainable mobility and wellbeing through walking, biking, and public transportation. A commitment to sustainable transportation benefits everyone.

Enriching Access to Natural Elements

Employ social metrics to appraise the seamless integration of biophilia into the environment, enhancing the connection between people and nature. Connecting with nature fosters wellbeing and creates harmonious spaces.


A case study in climate resilience

Our commitment to Certified Metrics goes beyond theory – it’s a practical tool with a profound impact. For instance, when addressing climate resilience, Certified Metrics will enable you to identify real assets located in flood-prone zones. This knowledge is invaluable, as it helps mitigate the adverse effects on occupants, including health and safety concerns, property damage, and insurance coverage.

Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions to avoid flood-risk real assets or strategically invest in flood mitigation. FEMA’s research underscores the significant returns on such investments, potentially saving up to seven dollars for every dollar spent. This example highlights the tangible value of Certified Metrics in guiding your decisions and reducing risks in vulnerable area.


”Our new Fitwel Provider and Fitwel Partner programs are helping further raise awareness of healthy building strategies that ensure increased occupant and tenant satisfaction. By aligning with and promoting Fitwel’s mission, we’re thrilled to have such a great partner in EVORA, which is putting health and wellbeing at the forefront of its commitment to a people-centric approach through the built environment.”

Joanna Frank

President and CEO of CfAD (Fitwel operator)

Join our journey toward a more socially responsible and sustainable real asset future. Sign up for the Certified Metrics pilot programme today and help our sector achieve this vision.