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SIERA: the backbone of ESG reporting at EVORA


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Clarity and accuracy of data are vital when it comes to ESG reporting. It is the cornerstone across all sectors for understanding sustainability performance – this is no different within commercial real estate. Quality data is essential because if you cannot see how an asset is performing, you cannot see where improvements are needed. If these areas for improvement cannot be identified, it restricts the ability for a robust, strategic and measurable plan of action to be developed.

EVORA’s solution to this problem is SIERA, our in-house ESG and data management platform. It is designed specifically to streamline reporting and monitoring of commercial real estate investments and funds. SIERA is purpose-built for real estate professionals and, as such, is focused around providing as much added value to our clients and the industry as possible. The platform, along with EVORA’s consultants, enables our clients to make informed decisions which have significant, real-world, impacts on the performance and value of assets. These decisions can help to further drive the ESG agenda and work towards solving some of the most pressing issues currently facing the industry.

I am a Junior Consultant at EVORA and joined in March 2022. I work with multiple clients and funds, providing support across various aspects of their ESG and sustainability programmes including performance monitoring, INREV and EPRA reporting as well as GRESB submissions. Across many aspects of my work, I rely on SIERA, whether that is managing and exporting large data sets for GRESB or EPRA reporting; or creating Net-Zero Carbon pathways at the asset and fund level. Beyond its ability to store all this complex information at varying levels of granularity, it also has a clear user interface which allows for the easy navigation and visualisation of data. This is used to drive discussions with our clients while simultaneously allowing for the accurate completion of reporting requirements within the industry.

Last year, SIERA was highlighted by PwC as one of the top technology solutions within the ESG Reporting category in the Tech for Impact Top100 rankings. It is an excellent achievement and highlights the hard work which has gone into the platform over the last ten years. However, SIERA is continuously evolving, and SIERA+ is the next step in providing our clients with an intuitive tool that builds on the foundations of SIERA while simultaneously enabling a better user experience.

For more information on how EVORA and SIERA can help you, please book a demo or call +44 (0)20 3326 7333.