Unlocking Value Through Social Impact: Insights from Fitwel Social Performance Webinar #2

Blurred photo capturing the dynamic atmosphere of a modern open-plan office with people engaged in discussion and work.

Our recent webinar, the second in our Fitwel Social Performance series, delved into the business case behind Fitwel Social Performance. This session featured insights from Joanna Frank, President and CEO of Fitwel, and Philippa Gill, Executive Director of Strategic Accounts at EVORA Global. They explored the intersection of health, economic evidence, and the optimisation of…

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SEC Climate Disclosure Ruling – Scope 3. A Missed Opportunity

Los Angeles on a smoggy morning

Just when it seemed the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had gone cold on their draft climate-related disclosure rule, it has been resurrected, albeit somewhat milder than initially touted. The exclusion of mandatory reporting of Scope 3 emissions (those associated with a firm’s value chain) is a significant step down from the original text –…

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Top 5 ESG Trends in Nordic Real Estate

EVORA Global Nordic Skyline

The Nordics have a reputation of being some of the most sustainable (and happiest!) countries in the world. This is no exception when it comes to commercial real estate as many look to the Nordics as a leading example when it comes to how they can improve sustainability within their own portfolios. With EVORA’s recent…

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GRESB Infrastructure Results Event Panel Discussion Summary

The GRESB Infrastructure Results Event for 2023, co-hosted by EVORA Global and held at the UBS offices in London, provided a platform for in-depth discussions on the current state and future trajectory of ESG reporting within the infrastructure investment landscape.   Cathy Granneman from GRESB presented key insights into the 2023 GRESB Infrastructure results, setting the…

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Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) – EVORA Insights

New sustainability disclosure requirements (SDR) and a labelling system for investment products have been released by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, with some requirements set to take effect as soon as 2024. Context On November 28th 2023, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) released the long-anticipated Sustainability Disclosure Requirements and investments labelling system. The regime has…

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The EVORA Global Rebrand – Driven by Collaborative Expertise for Sustainable Real Assets

Pioneers to Visionaries We’re excited to introduce our new global brand, which reflects our evolution into a visionary leader in sustainable real asset investment. Our fresh visual identity is inclusive, bold, and forward-thinking, showcasing our dedication to accelerating the adoption of real asset sustainability. Our new website design, circular logo, and strong typography all convey…

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