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EVORA support Collier & Madge to develop company-wide environmental management system


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EVORA has supported commercial property manager, Collier & Madge plc to develop a successful environmental management system. The system was designed to meet ISO 14001 requirements. In December 2014 the company passed its external certification assessment with flying colours.

Fantastic feedback was received from the external auditor “It was a pleasure to audit such a well-designed, comprehensive and understandable management system. It is a rare occurrence for an environmental assessment to take place without non-conformities being raised and I would like to congratulate everyone.”

“We are delighted to have passed our ISO 14001 audit. The system will further enable Collier & Madge to deliver a top class sustainability service to our clients. The support provided by EVORA was excellent and ensured that the EMS implementation project ran smoothly to time and budget. We would not hesitate in recommending EVORA.”
Christopher Carrick, Director, Collier and Madge