Social disruption from climate change, inequality and public health are some of the defining issues of our time and the real estate industry plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges. There is a rapidly growing demand for safer, healthier, more equitable, more comfortable and more productive spaces.

Assets that deliver social value and enhance the local community’s adaptive capacity, make more resilient investments with increased positive impact.

Buildings are so much more than the walls that close in the space they surround. They can offer shelter, joy, inspiration, a sense of community and provide a long-lasting impact on their occupants, users, and the wider environment around them.


Our Social Wellbeing service line offers a highly targeted suite of products and services towards supporting the real estate industry in delivering better buildings for resilient communities.

Gap analysis

For all clients, our first step is a gap analysis. This will identify key areas of strength and opportunity within the client organisation’s current social wellbeing approach.

EVORA offers two levels of gap analysis depending on requirements.

Preliminary Gap Analysis

This analysis aims to understand the “who, what and where” within an organisation’s social wellbeing approach and highlights key areas for improvement.

This uses the standard EVORA Scorecard as its underlying methodology.

In-Depth Gap Analysis

The in-depth gap analysis brings additional depth to understanding the “how and the why” and integrate the “who, what and where” that the preliminary gap analysis addresses.

A suggested action plan will also be prepared using a tailored EVORA Scorecard.

Social Wellbeing Strategy

A robust Social Wellbeing strategy will set out a Company or Fund’s social impact and health & wellbeing commitments. These will be arrived at through a gap analysis exercise, as well as direct workshop engagement with the client and their relevant stakeholders. The strategy document is both an external-facing document, setting out clear Social Wellbeing commitments, as well as an internal roadmap.

At EVORA we see many clients developing ambitious ESG strategies and firmly believe that focused Social Wellbeing strategies, similar to standalone Net Zero Carbon strategies, are a natural next step.

Building on existing ESG activities and goals, EVORA will support the client in layering Social Wellbeing factors into existing (or new) action plans to drive both top-down and bottom-up commitments.


EVORA’s ambition is to support clients towards building Social Wellbeing into their sustainability strategies, however there is also still a place for certification support.

Offering dedicated health & wellbeing certifications at both asset and portfolio level, Fitwel and the WELL Building Standard provide robust frameworks with which to assess performance.

We offer:

  • Fitwel Gap Analysis & Certification: EVORA is already supporting many clients with both gap analyses and full certification under Fitwel.
  • WELL Building Standard gap analysis (not full certification).

Social Wellbeing Team

Our clients trust us to provide top quality advice, founded upon a robust understanding of their business and its markets, with the vast majority of our appointments evolving into long-standing partnerships.

Introducing some of our Social Wellbeing team.

Sarah Coughlan

Associate Director

Philippa Gill

Executive Director

Bobana Milenkovic

Senior Consultant

Our Trusted Sustainability Advisor

“I have received sound advice on a subject matter of which I had limited knowledge. The value of your services is greater than the cost of them which is a rare commodity, as you’re fully aware.”

“The EVORA team’s GRESB support was invaluable; they have a very clear understanding of the survey. It is a real pleasure to work with the EVORA team.”

“EVORA has provided expert knowledge, advice, and support on a variety of topics. We look forward to continuing our long-term collaboration with EVORA.”

“We are very proud to use EVORA as our exclusive sustainability consultants. Of all the similar practices out there, we’ve found EVORA to offer the most practical, forward-thinking approach to sustainability.”

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