Sustainability has many definitions. Our interpretation is simple.

To be sustainable, buildings must be economically viable (occupied), socially engaging (a comfortable place to live/work/play), accessible, adaptable and have the lowest possible environmental impact.

We work with clients across all sectors to set environmental policy, ensure regulatory compliance and to improve the environmental and financial performance of their organisation and assets.

  • Sustainability is now recognised as an essential component of Corporate Responsibility. Often the message is clearly articulated but the challenge is to convert this into a practical policy. EVORA can support you in simplifying this emerging and complex market and delivering a practical and appropriate strategy to align with the requirements of your stakeholders.

  • EVORA will support you in understanding the sustainability performance of your assets and what steps you can take to reduce your environmental impacts.

  • Trustworthy data is essential to meet your regulatory reporting requirements or to inform management decisions but collecting environmental data can be challenging, especially across multiple locations. EVORA have an exceptional level of knowledge and experience in this area and have supported many organisations in capturing and reporting their environmental data.

  • Many external sustainability benchmarks and surveys have been developed to help understand how well you are managing your risks and identify your sustainability performance. EVORA can highlight the relevance and benefits of participating in these different surveys, as well as helping you complete them.

  • Sustainability is a fast emerging market and it can be challenging to understand how it applies to your organisation. EVORA has a wealth of experience in developing and delivering sustainability training, with sessions tailored to meet the specific needs of delegates.

  • EVORA has developed and implemented sustainability programmes across Continental Europe, monitoring key environmental impacts and delivering on-site performance improvement.

  • EVORA EDGE will ensure that your project is competitively tendered and delivered in accordance with the design intent.

  • Don’t let poor air quality affect the productivity of your staff. EVORA EDGE will conduct a performance audit for you.


We are very proud to use EVORA as our exclusive sustainability consultants. Their pre-acquisition reports, as well as the regular monitoring they provide for us, form a key part of our asset management strategy and are not just a box-ticking exercise or something we file away in a drawer. Of all the similar practices out there, we’ve found EVORA to offer the most practical, forward thinking approach to sustainability.

Basil J. Demeroutis, Managing Partner, FORE Partnership View Case Studies >

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