What Can We Expect from the New Government?

The dust has settled after the UK General Election and today will mark the State Opening of a new Conservative Government. The Queen is set to deliver the legislative plans decided by the Conservatives, so what does this mean for the Environment? EVORA has rounded-up the predictions and opinions outlining what we are likely to see over the next five years.

Sky News: What to Expect in the Queens Speech.

The Telegraph: The new Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, plans to “unleash a new solar revolution” across Britain.

The Guardian: Damian Carrington discusses Cameron’s impact on the green issues.

IEMA suggests the Top Ten Sustainability Actions for the New Government.

New Scientist: Conservatives confirm to fight against Climate Change but shun wind power. New Scientist explains here.

The Independent: Britain’s green energy industry voice their concern about the future of onshore wind development and other renewable technologies.

GRESB Deadline Approaching!

With just over a month left before the submission deadline, there is still time to sign up for GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) and complete the sustainability survey that is fast becoming the benchmark for portfolio performance in the real estate sector.

EVORA has helped a wide range of institutional investors to complete the survey. Our experience and relationship with the GRESB team has enabled us to provide comprehensive client support. Our services extend beyond basic GRESB support. In many cases, we have worked with clients to improve sustainability practice and performance. This has been demonstrated by significant year on year improved GRESB results.

We can provide support to complete the submissions and understand your scoring, as well as develop a sustainability plan that will improve your future GRESB performance and align with your organisation’s key environmental objectives.

Our sustainability management software, SIERA, enables full GRESB Performance Indicator reporting. With SIERA, you have the confidence of a robust database to hold and model your data, combined with the familiarity and flexibility of Excel for all your reports.

Contact EVORA today to discover how we can help with GRESB and other sustainability benchmarks.


GRESB Premier PartnerAs a GRESB Real Estate Premier Partner, we are perfectly positioned to provide GRESB support. View our official Premier Partner profile.

We can work with you to complete the submission and understand your scoring, as well as develop a sustainability plan that will improve your future GRESB performance and align with your organisation’s key environmental objectives.

EVORA Partners with Hemlow Ltd

EVORA has joined forces with Hemlow, a leading UK commercial building services maintenance provider. Together we hope to demonstrate substantial improvements to energy efficiency and provide cost effective solutions to deliver true sustainability.

Speaking about the partnership, Managing Director at EVORA, Chris Bennett commented, “It is a pleasure to partner with a company who are as passionate as we are in delivering the very highest level of customer service to their clients. Through working together we are able to provide a broad range of complementary services that bring resilience and energy efficiency to buildings.”

For further information about the services we can provide for your business contact us today at info@evoraglobal.com


ESOS: Are You Ready?

A recent survey by Inenco revealed that three quarters of qualifying businesses have yet to start their site audits and more than half are yet to appoint a Lead Assessor.

EVORA are experts in undertaking energy efficiency audits and implementing energy efficiency programmes leading to substantial reductions in energy usage and associated costs.

With only 200 days left to meet the requirements of ESOS, find out how EVORA can deliver the best solution for your organisation today!