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Introducing Our New Website and Our Vision, Mission, and Values


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Welcome to our new website! Let’s explore what’s changed…

1. Simplification and ease of navigation

We’ve said a not-particularly-fond farewell to our drop-down menu of over 30 individual services! Instead, we now have three core landing pages:

On each of those pages, you can find an A-Z service directory on the main content tab, under the main ‘Why Us?’ sections.

Other content and pages that have been significantly improved include:

2. A neater, cleaner design

As you will see when you browse the site, we have made much better use of negative space (that’s right, negative space, not white space!). Negative space is the space between page elements. Creating more of it has the following benefits:

  • Easier on the eye – this helps with content legibility, helping you to more easily understand and digest what you’re reading.
  • Better interaction – you’re often in a hurry, we know that! Good use of negative space allows you to interact with the site more quickly and easily, with fewer distractions to slow you down. Using negative space allows us to draw attention to specific areas on the page. For example, have a look at how we’ve done this on the About Us page.
  • A more balanced feel – use of negative space helps to balance the design of the site, separating content elements for better accessibility and ease of use.
  • First impressions – as we know, these are everything! While functionality and user experience were the core purposes in the creation of our new site, it was also important to create a bit of wow-factor. Use of full-screen header images on pages like the Home, About Us, Contact Us, and Insights pages helps to create this, with powerful imagery and minimal text to draw the visitor in.

3. New content

In addition to improving the layout of our existing content, we have also created some brand-new pages, including:

Introducing Our Vision, Mission, and Values

We unveiled our new company Vision, Mission, and Values to the wider team back in July at the start of our summer party. We’ve been so busy since then, however, that we forgot to announce them to the wider world!

We have given our Vision, Mission, and Values pride of place here on our new About Us page, to show how important they are to us and the work that we deliver for our clients.

Our Vision is our ‘why’ – it’s our big picture of what we are trying to achieve.

Our Mission is our ‘how’ – by carrying out our Mission, we are supporting the realisation of our Vision.

Our Values represent not only what it means to work at EVORA and how we treat each other, e.g. with respect and inclusion, but they are also reflective of the approach we take to delivering projects for our clients, e.g. collaboratively, innovatively, and always with excellence.

Explore our Vision, Mission, and Values here, or in the posters below (which we have on the walls of our offices, thanks to Sam!).

EVORA Global Vision

EVORA Global Mission

EVORA Global Values

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.