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What have we learnt? GRESB 2017 Analysis. Part 1 of 2


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The GRESB 2017 results show that comprehensive support from EVORA significantly improves performance, helping you maximise and showcase your environmental credentials and add value to your portfolio.

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The GRESB 2017 cycle is officially over. The points have been tallied, the reports released, and the winners named. But there’s no resting up here at EVORA; we are already hard at work helping our clients prepare to do even better in GRESB 2018. This blog will show you how the support of our team of experts has boosted GRESB 2017 performance for our clients, and share some tips and tricks we have devised ahead of 2018.

GRESB Analysis

Figure 1: Overall GRESB score in 2017

In the 2017 cycle, EVORA provided a comprehensive ESG development and GRESB support programme for 26 real estate funds, and the results speak for themselves. Whilst the average score in GRESB 2017 was 63, clients that received comprehensive support from EVORA averaged 67.

GRESB Analysis 2

Figure 2: Comparing the change in GRESB score for funds that took part in both 2016 to 2017

Furthermore, whilst GRESB participation is driving increases in sustainable performance across the board, reflected in the year-on-year GRESB average score increase of 3 points, EVORA is pushing its clients to another level, averaging an increase of 8 points amongst those who took part in GRESB 2016 (Figure 2). One fund we worked with also came first in its peer group, showing that EVORA can help even the most ambitious clients realise their goals.

GRESB Analysis 3

Figure 3: Comparing the average GRESB Aspect scores to that of our clients

Not convinced? Let’s break this down a little further. The GRESB survey is divided into seven key aspects, which are then combined to give the overall GRESB score. Using these categories as indicators, Figure 3 shows how our clients managed to improve considerably more than other GRESB participants. The strong results were driven in particular by high scores on the Monitoring & EMS and the Certification & Energy Rating aspects; key areas of expertise in our consultancy team here at EVORA. Furthermore, our vast experience producing GRESB submissions means we can help you collate all the relevant evidence and script your text box answers to ensure you get every point you deserve, the benefit of which can be seen in the strong Management and Policy & Disclosure aspect results.

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Still not convinced? Not sure GRESB is worth the investment? Well, not only does sustainability and resource efficiency reduce operational costs in assets, now environmental and social responsibility are increasingly common demands from investors. GRESB is the world’s leading benchmark for these issues, and a good score will go a long way to proving your commitment to tackling ESG challenges to both investors and the wider public, helping to protect and enhance the value of your portfolio.

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Look out for part 2, coming soon!


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