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Why Firms Choose EVORA For Expert GRESB Support


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The Rising Interest in GRESB

GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) is proving to be the survey of choice to benchmark real estate portfolio performance, but it is also one of the most challenging to complete.

Interest in GRESB has continued to increase since it was founded in 2009, as demonstrated by the Google Trends report below. As you can see, global interest peaked in September this year when the 2016 results were released.

In addition to interest increasing, average GRESB scores are improving. As my colleague Paul Sutcliffe said in his 2016 GRESB Results blog:

“Our findings appear to reflect UK wide results. The average GRESB Score of UK companies and funds improved from 58 in 2015 to 63 in 2016. Furthermore, GRESB states that companies and funds in the UK continue to outperform those in Europe (although Australia and New Zealand lead with an overall score of 74).”

3 Reasons Firms Choose EVORA For Expert GRESB Support

1. GRESB Premier Partner

As a specialist commercial real estate sustainability consultancy that is driving broad uptake of sustainability best practices in alternative asset classes, it made perfect sense for us to become a GRESB Premier Partner.

2. Sustainability Consultants With Deep Expertise in Commercial Real Estate

Our team of sustainability consultants have a phenomenal wealth of experience of sustainability for commercial real estate firms.

Ed Gabbitas, for example, is a leader in sustainability strategy and policy development in the commercial real estate sector. He is a Chartered Environmentalist with a passion for promoting and delivering best practice solutions to clients. He has a depth of understanding concerning GRESB and environmental legislation across the EU. His clients include Deutsche Asset Management, Hines and AEW Europe.

Contact Ed today.

3. SIERA – Sustainability Management Software for Commercial Real Estate Firms

And last but not least, there’s SIERA; our proprietary sustainability management software.

In 2016, SIERA delivered the automation of data transfer into GRESB for 41 submissions and more than ‚ā¨20bn of assets, with clients including Deutsche Asset Management, Schroder Real Estate, Rockspring, and AEW.

The chart below shows that the most widely used data entry approach is where participants aggregate their consumption data and then manually enter it per sector, line-by-line, in the standard GRESB Portal. This is time consuming, requires a lot of manual calculations and is subject to human error.

The beauty of SIERA is that it can¬†auto-generate an asset data spreadsheet that’s fully aligned to GRESB’s template, which can¬†be swiftly uploaded directly¬†into the GRESB portal.¬†This process takes less than a minute and populates the Performance Indicator questions for all sectors reported by a portfolio.

Our MD, Chris Bennett, has already written a great blog post on SIERA’s automation capabilities and the benefits of using it for GRESB submissions. Here’s that post in full:

GRESB Data Automation: Ensuring Seamless Does Not Result In Senseless

For expert GRESB support and to improve your GRESB scores in 2017, please get in touch with our experts today.

GRESB Premier PartnerAs a GRESB Real Estate Premier Partner, we are perfectly positioned to provide GRESB support. View our official Premier Partner profile.

We can work with you to complete the submission and understand your scoring, as well as develop a sustainability plan that will improve your future GRESB performance and align with your organisation’s key environmental objectives.