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What Can We Expect from the New Government?


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The dust has settled after the UK General Election and today will mark the State Opening of a new Conservative Government. The Queen is set to deliver the legislative plans decided by the Conservatives, so what does this mean for the Environment? EVORA has rounded-up the predictions and opinions outlining what we are likely to see over the next five years.

Sky News: What to Expect in the Queens Speech.

The Telegraph: The new Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, plans to “unleash a new solar revolution” across Britain.

The Guardian: Damian Carrington discusses Cameron’s impact on the green issues.

IEMA suggests the Top Ten Sustainability Actions for the New Government.

New Scientist: Conservatives confirm to fight against Climate Change but shun wind power. New Scientist explains here.

The Independent: Britain’s green energy industry voice their concern about the future of onshore wind development and other renewable technologies.