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EVORA EDGE helps central Cardiff office go ‘gas-free’


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EVORA EDGE are pleased to have been appointed the principal mechanical and electrical (M&E) consultants for a multi-million pound revamp of a central Cardiff office.

The transformation of the 65,000 sq ft Fusion Point 1 office, owned by Fidelity UK Real Estate Fund, includes an impressive array of sustainability and energy-efficient features.

Heat recovery air handling equipment, variable refrigerant heat pump air conditioning, point of use water heating and LED lighting all contributed to the decision to make this building ‘gas’ free, utilising efficient electric heat pumps rather than gas-fired appliances is now cost-effective and provides significant carbon pollution reductions.

Such a move will improve the carbon footprint of the building year-on-year as the National Grid continues to increase the amount of electricity it generates from renewable technologies. The government predicts that by 2035 grid electricity will have a carbon factor a quarter of what it is today.

EVORA EDGE’s building physics team considered all aspects of the building services design, creating a dynamic simulation model at an early stage to enable carbon impact and resilience to be considered at all stages of the design process.

With a designed ‘B’ rated Energy Performance Certificate this major refurbishment project will result in a highly energy-efficient building suitable for a range of uses.

Fidelity International portfolio manager, Ewan Montgomery, says Cardiff has a shortage of grade A offices which are also very energy efficient.

“We are committed to maximising the potential of the Cardiff assets held by the fund and we are very excited about the opportunities this project presents.”

If you would like help or advice in going gas-free in your next building refurbishment please contact EVORA EDGE on [email protected] or +44 (0)1743 341903