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Being Green Never Looked So Good


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Sustainability is a huge part of who we are at EVORA Global. It’s important in our work and in our day-to-day activities, so it’s no wonder that we’ve achieved Planet Mark certification for the 9th year running. We wanted to show some of the other ways we’ve made the London office more sustainable and eco-friendly since we moved to Birrane House in 2022.

Green Office

We are already off to a great start, as our office in London Bridge ticked many of the sustainable boxes when we moved in. It’s close to excellent public transport links and there is bicycle parking directly outside the office, as well as a private secure parking facility nearby. The office lights are already automatically turning off when they don’t detect motion and all the windows are double glazed, with excellent insulation throughout the office. We also monitor the air quality, looking at the carbon dioxide levels in the office and keeping them as low as possible. In an office survey in 2022, 83% of our London office rated the air quality at four or five out of five!

After moving in, we were excited to make changes for our office to be as sustainable as possible. We’re working with Recorra for our recycling and waste and have been able to up our recycling impact. As well as compostable food waste, paper and cardboard recycling, we have also recycled our coffee cups, batteries, and glass bottles. Even our coffee pods are compostable and go in our food waste bin. Recorra also does electrical waste recycling, so old laptops and monitors were picked up, wiped, and recycled, as well as broken office furniture. In January 2023, Recorra awarded us Gold Status in recycling for recycling 80% of our office waste, an achievement we are very proud of.

Our London office also changed cleaning company in 2022. After meeting Bespoke Cleaning at a networking event, we found their company values aligned with ours, especially with the training they give their staff. Bespoke allows customers to choose the products they use, so we swapped to eco-friendly cleaning chemicals that use 70% less packaging, reduce single-use plastic, and are plant-based and environmentally friendly.

Green EVORAians

We love organising events where we can make a difference and can increase staff wellbeing. We’ve done this through events that include litter picking at a beach to raising money for charities that help their communities, such as Fortalice for abused women and the Fellrunner village bus for the elderly.

We have regular events for the team and love making these as green as possible. One of the favourites last year was the seed bomb workshop, organized with the Wilder Mile. This encouraged staff to make seed bombs to give as gifts or to use in their neighbourhood, spreading wildflowers in their area.

We also had a Plant Power Month in 2022, which was so successful that we are currently doing it again! Last year volunteers were sent eco-friendly seed kits to grow their own vegetables, herbs, or flowers and posted regular photo updates on our Health and Wellness channel on Teams. We also created a series of videos on how you can take cuttings of vegetables to grow your own from scraps, cutting down food waste, plastic usage and transportation costs of food.

We also had two walking challenges in 2022, raising money for charities in the process. Many people continued walking to work after the events ended. This year, we were delighted to have 48 people sign up to participate in Race the Thames in January, where each team member had to run or walk 6km a day over one week. It was great to see so many people join in and have EVORians continue walking or cycling to work after the event ended.

The EVORA Library was created in 2022 in the London office, where people can donate books they no longer read for others to check out. This gives the books a new lease of life. We are also currently collecting used children’s books in three of our UK offices to donate to charity in aid of International Book Day.

We are very proud that we can have a positive impact on the environment while being closely aligned with the company values, making our space of the world greener and more sustainable.