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2016 GRESB Results Day!


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GRESB results are out today.

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In 2016, there were 759 entries covering 63 countries. The gross asset value of companies and funds reporting was $2.8 trillion.

Here at EVORA, we’re working hard to review our client results and analyse progress against previous submissions. Findings are positive, reflecting work done by our clients to improve ESG policies and practices and to strengthen data collection through use of our SIERA software platform.

Our findings appear to reflect UK wide results. The average GRESB Score of UK companies and funds improved from 58 in 2015 to 63 in 2016. Furthermore, GRESB states that companies and funds in the UK continue to outperform those in Europe (although Australia and New Zealand lead with an overall score of 74).

An initial review of overall performance data is also interesting. A like-for-like reduction in energy consumption of 0.67% was reported in the UK (0.96% in Europe). Carbon emissions fell by 3.6% (0.6% in Europe) and water consumption also fell by 1.33% (0.7% Europe).

We will provide more detail and measured analysis of GRESB results in due course. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to subscribe to our updates by using the form in the sidebar.

EVORA is a GRESB Premier Partner.

This year, our software SIERA delivered the automation of data transfer into GRESB for 41 submissions and more than €20bn of assets, with clients including Deutsche Asset Management, Schroder Real Estate, Rockspring, and AEW.

To talk to us about GRESB or to request a demo of SIERA, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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GRESB Premier PartnerAs a GRESB Real Estate Premier Partner, we are perfectly positioned to provide GRESB support. View our official Premier Partner profile.

We can work with you to complete the submission and understand your scoring, as well as develop a sustainability plan that will improve your future GRESB performance and align with your organisation’s key environmental objectives.