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Fourth Consecutive Year Sector Leader Status for Hines in the 2020 GRESB Real Estate Survey


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EVORA Global is incredibly proud to have supported Hines pan European Core Fund (HECF) in achieving GRESB European Diversified Fund Sector Leader for an unprecedented fourth year in a row.

GRESB, one of the leading ESG benchmarks for real estate and infrastructure investments across the world, has named HECF one of the “best of the best” in sustainability leadership across the real estate sector.

Achievements this year include 100% Sustainability Certificate coverage across the portfolio, as well as a 15.7% reduction in landlord-controlled energy use and a 23.8% reduction in landlord-controlled greenhouse gas emissions since 2016, for like-for-like assets. The Fund also ensured that at all landlord-controlled electricity supplies were either transferred to 100% renewable energy sources, or scheduled to transfer as early as possible in 2020.

HECF also ranked first out of all global 412 GRESB participants which participated in the optional Resilience module, demonstrating the portfolio’s ability to future-proof the value of its assets over time.

This is an incredible achievement and highlights Hines commitment to ESG. Congratulations to everyone involved!

“We are once again delighted on behalf of our client for these numerous excellent outcomes. It is great to have both Hines’ and EVORA’s hard work validated in this way. It’s a strong partnership that clearly brings great things out of one another. And now we must turn our attention to next year and beyond because – of course – there is still plenty more progress to make within ESG!”

Oli Pye, Director EVORA

“I wanted to take a moment to thank the EVORA team for all of the hard work, diligence and creativity throughout the year to deliver these outstanding GRESB results. As the impact of climate change accelerates, so should our ESG efforts, and I am happy to say that as a team we have been able to keep our eye on the ball and prepare the HECF portfolio in order to stay one step ahead.  I look forward to continuing to sharpen our pencils as we move forward.”

Daniel Chang, Managing Director, Hines