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My First Two Years at EVORA Global


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    Sara Agnoletti

Today marks two years since when I embarked on my journey in this incredible company.

I was employee number 108 and now we have more than 200 EVORians.

You would think it’s impossible to know everyone! However, thanks to our Fortnightly Stand Up, the Coffee Roulette, groups on Teams chats such as the Music Exchange and EVORA Pets, the Volunteering initiatives, and our Pizza and Games Nights to name a few, I am confident I have seen everyone’s face at least once.

The culture at EVORA helped massively to create a strong team where people get along, help and support each other, and work without a sense of hierarchy.

I have always been passionate about sustainability but I didn’t know anything about how real estate worked, and all the services and regulations involved in supporting buildings to become sustainable. From day one, everyone has been extremely helpful and I can still count on the team to help me understand or learn more about our sector. Also, working in Marketing, we feed off everyone’s knowledge and our experts are really good at sharing the latest market news and updates.

Inclusion is one of our values and I can honestly say that I have never worked in a company where everyone is so respected, has a voice, and is not scared to share their ideas. We are a global and fast-growing business, therefore, it could be easy to lose track of our values and our culture. It pleases me to say this is not happening at EVORA.

We look for professionals who have competency in sustainability but also an understanding of real estate, and we train our people to fill the gaps once they are part of the team. However, for us, it is really important to find the right person for the job and this doesn’t take into account only technical skills but also communication and passion to make an impact in the world. People join for a purpose and that allows us to build a passionate and talented team that really wants to make a difference to stop the negative effects of climate change.

We promote openness and transparency, and this starts from the top.

We regularly have meetings and stand-ups where the ExCo shares financial data and news for everyone to stay up-to-date and grow with the business.

Honestly, I feel a sense of belonging, accepted, valued, and really connected to the team. This is a fundamental human need that is essential for our physical, mental and emotional health. It can bring several benefits such as increasing self-esteem and confidence, reducing stress and anxiety, promoting resilience and coping skills, and enhancing creativity and problem-solving. My mental health and wellbeing increased exponentially since I joined EVORA, and that had positive effects also in my private life allowing me to create stronger and much more positive bonds.

Career and personal development are really important for us.

We have great onboarding and development programmes, and we are building our very own learning Academy. Everyone is spurred to grow, thrive, and feel valued for the work they do, and they are supported in developing their knowledge, skills, and passion for their career.

We believe EVORians should feel fulfilled in the work they do and we have plans in place to help everyone’s growth through bespoke learning, and experiencing other areas of ESG and the business.

Last but not least, I love that at EVORA we practice what we preach.

We have taken several steps to reduce our own operational environmental footprint and we have achieved the Planet Mark Certification for the 9th year running.

On my very first day, whilst introducing myself, I remember I said “…and I hope I found the company where I will retire”.

I am so lucky to have joined such an amazing company!

If you would like to know more about EVORA and our team, visit our-team.

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