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EVORA embarks on a mission to NYC


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I’m excited to be leading a team as EVORA embarks on a mission to NYC to meet familiar faces and understand more about the key issues and challenges they are facing in the US market. We’ve had a tremendous reception and a full schedule of meetings. It’s not all about numbers, but we’ll be catching up with more than half of the top 30 investors in North America by AUM, representing $1tr of real assets. This number, more than anything, highlights the scale of investment risk if real assets fail to stay relevant in their market over the long term. Now more than ever, staying relevant must include plans and progress on climate mitigation and adaption as climate action has moved from the periphery to the core for leading investors.

In terms of market uncertainty, real assets have historically provided a safe haven. We expect more capital to flow into US real assets over the coming year. As the climate change clock ticks away, we are focusing in on how to choose and make assets that are climate resilient. With the SEC proposing new rules to make climate risks more transparent it will only be a matter of time before these risks are priced in, whether those are transition, adaptation or litigation risks.

We launched EVORA 11 years ago in turbulent economic times as a result of the financial crisis. Fast forward to the current day, we are seeing different but equally challenging economic times across the world. A key difference now is the urgent need for good advice – and data – as a result of the heightened climate crisis. For EVORA, directing capital to more sustainable outcomes for the wellbeing of the planet and its people has always been central to our purpose.   We’re excited about the next step in our evolution and the warm reception we’ve had from the USA.