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EVORA achieves Planet Mark certification


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We are very proud to announce that EVORA has achieved Planet Mark certification for the 6th year running.

The Planet Mark is an internationally recognised certification based on sustainability standards and its mission is to help us all contribute to a thriving planet as a collective force. The certification represents an organisation’s commitment to sustainability programmes to actively reduce environmental and social harm. 

In a key step forward, this year we have measured our social value contribution. Social value is the net social and environmental benefit generated to society by an organisation, expressed in ‘£’.

The national TOMS (Themes, Outcomes and Measures) framework, developed by Social Value Portal and the National Social Value Taskforce was used to measure the social value generated by EVORA.

In 2019, EVORA generated £454,644 in social value. This includes over £400,000 through actions relating to the people in our organisation and supply chain, as well as money and time donated to charitable organisations, and reducing our carbon footprint through commutes.

In order to measure our social value, EVORA had to submit data and evidence on a number of indicators.  These were:

  • Our People
  • Community and Volunteering
  • Donations
  • Procurement
  • Environmental Impacts

We look forward to completing the assessment again next year and we continue to drive our commitment to generate further social value opportunities.

‘’I’m delighted to see EVORA taking steps to report their social value offering. This submission has helped us identify where the organisation generates the most social value, and highlighted opportunities to create a greater benefit to society.’’

Emily Day, Sustainability Consultant