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The importance of taking a break


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We all had that feeling of being short of time and running after deadlines.

You can have it all planned, schedule all the things to do and try to be ahead of everything, however, you can never calculate the ‘human variable’.

This covers everything from missing data from clients to a colleague calling in sick… and what’s the result? Stress is added and you end up under even more pressure than before.

There is a lot of great advice out there which can help alleviate stress and provide relief while working.

One is to keep exercising and it is indeed very important. Sport increases your blood flow to the brain, which, in turn, helps you stay focused and allows you to be more productive. It’s also brilliant at reducing stress and anxiety.

For me, nothing is more powerful than taking a break and doing things that I wouldn’t normally do.

One example? I just spent the Bank Holiday weekend surfing at Fistral beach in Newquay, Cornwall, and meeting amazing people from everywhere in the world. I now feel full of energy and ready for the busy months ahead!

Tia, our lovely Office Manager, just came back from ten days in Belgrade, Serbia, and feels like a new woman! Having lived there in 2017 for two years, Tia loves the Serbian culture and food. She thinks “Belgrade is one of the best cities in Europe, the people are so friendly and the food is incredible!”.

Taking breaks is important in recovering from a stressful moment and they allow you to gain your energy back, both physically and mentally, which, in return, will improve your performance and productivity.

Having your energy back helps you also fight against the development of fatigue, sleep disorders and cardiovascular disease. In the long run, it brings benefits to both employees and employers as it helps to reduce ill-health, absenteeism and potential injuries; it boosts up our mental health and the ability to build healthier relationships.

Businesses need to emphasise the importance of taking breaks and remind employees to organise them throughout the year.

Time Off carried out a research project which showed that employees rate paid vacation as the No. 2 most-important benefit, after health care. However, Katie Denis, senior director and lead researcher, pointed out that many workers still do not take full advantage of this benefit.

The EVORA Health & Wellness Team took a well-deserved break in August after months planning great activities for the EVORA family. This is a summary of our holidays!

We are now ready to plan even more amazing events for our staff each month.

Stay tuned next month for the low down on how we got on with Perfume Month!