Challenges in Data Collection and Overcoming Them: Insights for the Real Asset Investment Industry

Navigating the landscape of data collection in the real asset investment sector presents unique challenges that require nuanced solutions. This article delves into three pivotal areas: the inherent complexity of data sources, the critical importance of traceability and quality, and the need for data structure and its effects on property transactions. EVORA’s Chief Data Officer…

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How Does ESG Data Bolster Real Asset Strategies and Bootstrap CapEx Decisions?

ESG data management platform image to support insight blog

We ask Ben Rouncefield-Swales, EVORA’s Global Head of Data Operations, how robust ESG data drives strategic financial decisions. The result? Real assets that are environmentally sustainable, socially positive, and credible, inspiring investor trust and confidence. Hi Ben, What obstacles arise when using ESG data insights for sustainable real asset investments?  Navigating the sustainability landscape for…

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