Sustainability Policy

EVORA Global (EVORA) is driven to combatting the negative impacts of climate change. Our overarching business purpose is ‘To accelerate the adoption of real asset sustainability and enhance the wellbeing of the planet and its people’. We are committed to environmental protection and to promoting sustainable practices both with our clients and within EVORA.

As a technology and consulting business working with global real asset investment clients, our greatest positive impact on the environment is achieved by supporting clients to improve their own sustainability performance. Through collaborative efforts and dedication, we strive to make a meaningful difference and contribute to a better built environment for all. Our team of passionate and highly skilled professionals share a common set of sustainability values (Inclusion, Client Focus, Innovation and Mastery), which drive our efforts.

Our key sustainability commitments set out below have been developed to reflect how we work to our purpose. We use these commitments to develop and progress our objectives and to drive continual improvement.

Environmental Commitments

  • To increase provision of advice to clients across strategic services, managed services and software support, therefore increasing our positive impact;
  • To prevent pollution, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • To minimise the use of raw materials and packaging as a business;
  • To achieve a state of Net Zero Carbon emissions by the year 2050, in alignment with our commitments as part of our membership of the World Green Building Council;
  • To raise awareness, encourage participation and train clients and employees in sustainability;
  • To communicate our aims and objectives to employees and external stakeholders through our management systems.

Social Commitments

  • To engage with our key stakeholders (our employees, our clients and our investors) in relation to the impact which EVORA has on society through its business operations;
  • To develop a social engagement plan which includes obtaining regular employee feedback on social and wellbeing issues affecting them in the workplace;
  • To regularly obtain employee feedback and develop action plans to progress.

Our Structures

To deliver on our commitments we have assessed our sustainability risks and established control processes and objectives to mitigate and act on opportunities identified.

To support the above we explicitly commit to:

  • Compliance with all relevant legal requirements in relation to ESG management and other obligations we sign up to;
    Continually improving our Environmental Management System (EMS) with the aim of enhancing our Sustainability performance.
  • EVORA’s Sustainability Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis and revised when necessary.


Last reviewed/updated: April 2024
Version: 1–24