the team

Since 2011, EVORA has been building a team of real estate and sustainability experts to provide professional services to our clients. Since the beginning of 2018, the team has tripled, with more exciting plans for the future. Our staff are dedicate and passionate about their roles and collectively, we have many year’s experience in the industry. If you’d like to join the team, visit our careers page.

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Board of Directors

EVORA Global Staff Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett

Managing Director
EVORA Global Staff Paul Sutcliffe

Paul Sutcliffe

Executive Director
EVORA Global Staff Ed Gabbitas

Ed Gabbitas

Executive Director

Philippa Gill

EVORA Global Staff Adrian Rimmer

Adrian Rimmer

Non-Executive Director

Sonny Masero

Chief Strategy Officer
EVORA Global Staff Robin Morris Weston

Robin Morris-Weston

Chief Operating Officer

Management Team

Our Teams

Sustainability Consultancy Team

Our team of sustainability consultants are on the front line delivering ESG solutions to our clients. All working towards the same goal – advancing the evolution and adoption of real asset sustainability – we have teams for our different service lines to ensure our clients’ unique ambitions are being met.

Sustainability Software Team

SIERA is EVORA’s ESG data management platform for real asset investors. As well as designing, coding, and ensuring the software is up to date, the team also work with our consultants to ensure SIERA can respond to our clients’ needs.

Data Team

With ESG reporting comes a lot of data, and the data team work to transform that data into information, and information into insight, which is key for making informed decisions.

Support Services

Behind the scenes are our support staff, who ensure that the company is running smoothly and efficiently. In this team we have the accounting department, administrative support, project management, and marketing and sales, who all work hard to keep the company moving forward.

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