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Investor demand drives US launch for EVORA Global


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EVORA Global opens in New York to help fund managers keep investment flowing amid rising concerns about ESG regulations and sustainability

With pension funds and portfolio holders in the United States increasingly under the spotlight for their ESG performance, EVORA has been experiencing high demand for our services. There is huge untapped demand in the US and opportunity for growth.

As a result, we are delighted to announce the opening of EVORA Global offices in New York after repeated requests from our global client base.

The launch comes during New York climate week (September 19-25).

EVORA has acquired offices on 42nd Street, New York and plans to create up to 100 jobs over the next five years. It has also hired sustainability veteran Yetsuh Frank, formerly of the Building Energy Exchange and the Urban Green Council, as its Executive Vice President. Heading the US office is EVORA’s co-founder Ed Gabbitas, while Net Zero specialist Ryan Sit will operate as global head of carbon strategy.

“We have fund managers urging us to move into the US market because they are struggling to access funds based in Europe. European investors want to be sure what they are backing is strong from an ESG approach and also complies with environmental legislation. Sustainability and climate risk are on everyone’s agenda right now and investment managers need ESG information about their assets. Our clients want us there to keep their investment flowing and to ensure they have information on climate risk. Our potential for both growth and impact here is huge.”

Chris Bennett, EVORA Executive Director and Co-Founder

“EVORA is just the sort of company the US needs right now. We may be behind Europe in terms of legislation, but the demand for better data and advisory on sustainability and climate risk is very high. New laws are coming into force and investors are under pressure to demonstrate they can become more sustainable.”

Yetsuh Frank, Executive Vice President

“It’s an opportunity too good to miss. The US real estate market is three times the size of Europe’s. But it is behind in terms of environmental legislation. We believe we can benefit both clients and the planet by being here.”

Ryan Sit, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Carbon Strategy

“Public expectations of companies are increasing all the time. Sustainability has to be part of the plan. The next few years are going to be incredibly exciting as real estate undergoes a major transition.”

Ed Gabbitas, Principal