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Iasi Welcome Event


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    Tia Micunovic

It’s official!


Our team in Iasi have been brought into the fold and are now an official office of EVORA Global. Everyone worked so hard to make this extraordinary feat possible, so it was only right we celebrated this major win and landmark event in EVORA’s history.


We took the whole team out for the day and brought in all related team leads from the UK and Italy, as well as the CEO from the US, to explain the changes for the local team, to celebrate the history we have with them, and to focus on how the future will look.


The day was a lot of fun, with a constant eye on the success of the Iasi office and how it will grow in the future. The morning was spent in a conference, with a lot of interesting information discussed. It was great to hear about the vision for the different teams and how they will work within EVORA.

After this, we had a lunch at the hotel before heading off for a tour of the Palace of Culture and the theater. This was super interesting for both the locals and the EVORians from abroad. We had a fantastic tour guide, Mihai, who was engaging and full of fun stories. Finding out that Bram stokers castle at best only had Vlad the Impaler stay for two weeks was news to me!

The Palace of Culture- this is definitely a highlight when visiting Iasi.


We found the tour to be a great way to unite the Iasi team with EVORA – learning of the country’s history and how that guides the future had the same feel of bringing the Iasi team into EVORA. The Romanian culture has a lot of differences to the British one and it was a joy experiencing these and learning about them. We can also now tell you all about tin roofs, the coat of arms, influence of Rome in Romania, and much more.

The exploration of the Romanian culture continued well into the evening, when we went to the most authentic restaurant in Iasi for dinner. We had a feast here, eating all the delicious delicacies of Romania. The sarmale (mince and rice mix rolled in cabbage leaves) and mici (kind of like a sausage but 100 times better) were my favorite!

This was a great opportunity to talk to one another and eat like kings! It also looked like the palinka, the spirit of choice here, went down very well. It’s definitely worth mentioning that Romanian wine is amazing and has ruined me for the usual £9 bottle from Morrisons.


We had one last surprise for the team – traditional dancers! The four dancers did one amazing dance together and then invited us all to join. This was amazing, and left everyone breathless.

We had the most magical time celebrating with the Iasi team and are delighted they are part of EVORA now. Welcome to the family guys, or should I say bun venit in familie!