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EVORA Global Expands Operations in Nordics Region to Meet Growing Demand for Sustainable Real Asset Solutions


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EVORA Global is thrilled to announce the launch of its operations in the Nordics region. This strategic expansion is a key component of EVORA’s broader growth strategy, driven by increasing client demand for innovative and comprehensive sustainability services in the real asset sector.

In a significant move to bolster its presence in the region, EVORA recently completed the acquisition of Swedish-based company METRY, Europe’s number-one platform for environmental data collection. This strategic acquisition enhances EVORA’s capabilities by incorporating METRY’s extensive data expertise, allowing the company to provide clients across the Nordics and the rest of the world with unparalleled insights into their real asset portfolios.

As pioneers of sustainable practices in the built environment, EVORA has earned a reputation for excellence, offering clients a full suite of services designed to enhance environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance, including Climate Resilience, Sustainable Finance, and data analytics and reporting via their SIERA software. With the launch of operations in the region, EVORA is poised to bring its expertise to an even broader audience, assisting investors and real asset owners to achieve their sustainability goals, and solving the issues faced by climate change.

This expansion comes at a time when the Nordics is experiencing a heightened focus on sustainability and ESG considerations across various industries. EVORA’s commitment to providing tailored solutions to fund managers and investors aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of clients seeking to navigate the complex landscape of real asset sustainability.


Commenting on the expansion and acquisition, Severine Melis-Cooper, EVORA’s Chief Revenue Officer, said:

“We are excited to bring EVORA’s industry-leading sustainability solutions to the Nordics region. This expansion aligns with our commitment to supporting clients in their sustainability journey and addressing the unique challenges of the real asset sector in this dynamic market. One of the driving forces behind our decision to expand in this region is EVORA’s recent acquisition of METRY, which enhances our data capabilities and reinforces our dedication to providing industry-leading solutions.”


Joel Torkelsson, METRY’s Co-Founder, commented:

“METRY has been a foundational part of the sustainability data ecosystem in the Nordics for over 10 years. I am really excited that we now, together with EVORA, can add industry leading sustainability solutions on top of that data providing a complete sustainability software and advisory for fund managers and real estate investors.”


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