Unlocking Value Through Social Impact: Insights from Fitwel Social Performance Webinar #2

Blurred photo capturing the dynamic atmosphere of a modern open-plan office with people engaged in discussion and work.

Our recent webinar, the second in our Fitwel Social Performance series, delved into the business case behind Fitwel Social Performance. This session featured insights from Joanna Frank, President and CEO of Fitwel, and Philippa Gill, Executive Director of Strategic Accounts at EVORA Global. They explored the intersection of health, economic evidence, and the optimisation of…

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Decarbonising Real Estate Portfolios for Sustainable Growth

The fact that sustainability is an essential part of a business strategy has not escaped anyone working in the real asset industry. As a primary contributor to carbon emissions, real assets must rapidly decarbonise, safeguard durable value, and mitigate reputational risks.   How can real asset investors pivot towards sustainable practices without compromising profitability?  …

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SEC Climate Disclosure Ruling – Scope 3. A Missed Opportunity

Los Angeles on a smoggy morning

Just when it seemed the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had gone cold on their draft climate-related disclosure rule, it has been resurrected, albeit somewhat milder than initially touted. The exclusion of mandatory reporting of Scope 3 emissions (those associated with a firm’s value chain) is a significant step down from the original text –…

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Navigating Sustainable Financing in the US Real Estate Debt Market

EVORA Global Navigating sustainable Finance. Car driving through winding mountain road surrounded by forest.

The Emergence of Sustainable Commercial Real Estate Debt In recent years, the market for sustainability in commercial real estate debt has been on the upswing, mirroring the growing importance of sustainability in finance. This is further boosted by wider economic forces, which have expanded the appeal, and returns, of fixed-income products. Investors, lenders, and borrowers…

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EVORA Global Expands Operations in Nordics Region to Meet Growing Demand for Sustainable Real Asset Solutions

Exterior architecture. Facade of modern building in Copenhagen.

EVORA Global is thrilled to announce the launch of its operations in the Nordics region. This strategic expansion is a key component of EVORA’s broader growth strategy, driven by increasing client demand for innovative and comprehensive sustainability services in the real asset sector. In a significant move to bolster its presence in the region, EVORA…

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Key Drivers of Sustainable Finance in 2024

EVORA Global Sustainable Finance Image. Money and sapling growing from soil

Sustainable finance has been driven by bottom-up pressure from consumers and employees, top-down pressure from governments and regulators, and from the market itself which is realizing both the need for and value of sustainability in asset management. With the intersection of these pressures, the appetite for sustainable finance has grown. According to PWC, the sustainable…

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Top 5 ESG Trends in Nordic Real Estate

EVORA Global Nordic Skyline

The Nordics have a reputation of being some of the most sustainable (and happiest!) countries in the world. This is no exception when it comes to commercial real estate as many look to the Nordics as a leading example when it comes to how they can improve sustainability within their own portfolios. With EVORA’s recent…

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EVORA Global Announces Acquisition of METRY

Gothenburg harbour skyline

Transformative merger is set to redefine the landscape of real asset sustainability data to make it ‘analytics-ready’ and set new benchmarks for the industry. EVORA Global today announces its strategic acquisition of METRY, Europe’s number one platform for environmental data collection. The move will establish new standards in data excellence and technological innovation, delivering comprehensive…

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CSRD Goes Further in 2024

EVORA Global Sustainability in the built environment

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the new kid on the ESG reporting block – the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, or CSRD. The CSRD was recently adopted by the European Commission as part of the European Green Deal to take over from the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD). It is a piece of legislation providing…

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Reflections on My First Year Supporting Sustainability Reporting

After a year of working as a consultant at EVORA, I have supported several clients through a full annual cycle of sustainability reporting. For the clients engaged with EVORA this varies between internal communications with investors and stakeholders, and external reporting to regulators, governing bodies and the public.   EVORA can support all these different…

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