Case Study


Two Year Monitoring and Targeting Programme Saves 115 Tonnes of CO2e

Case Study information

258 Bath Road is a three-story office block that underwent a major refurbishment in 2013. The building comprises both Constant and Variable Air Volume systems, which presents a number of challenges when managing the internal environment. Current tenant requirements also demand plant equipment to run during evenings and on weekends, resulting in an atypical energy profile.

EVORA Global was engaged to help identify potential energy saving opportunities and work closer with the tenants to optimise the building.

Our Approach

Since May 2018, EVORA Global has been implementing a Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) programme, consisting of detailed analysis of half-hourly (interval) data communicated via reports and engagement calls on a monthly basis in year 1, quarterly in year 2.

The SIERA M&T software platform provides the tools, such as automated data feeds and pre-programmed alert thresholds, to cut through datasets and immediately highlight opportunities for improvement. This, coupled with active engagement with the site team, and reviewing plant operation against tenant requirements, has enabled the identification of quick win opportunities over the course of the programme.

Key Outcomes

An estimated 430,000kWh (£47,000 or 115 tonnes CO2e) has been saved over the two year programme against the pre-intervention year. These savings have been achieved by addressing inconsistent energy usage patterns within the building. Through regular engagement calls with the site teams, the adjustment of plant equipment timings and set points has led to significant efficiency improvements.

EVORA Global continues to work with the site team to ensure the current efficiency level is maintained, whilst also exploring opportunities to further optimise the equipment and operations.