Case Study

Canada Life Asset Management

Shaping Outcomes with a Bespoke ESG Strategy

“We view delivering long term positive outcomes for our investors and ESG considerations as being inexorably linked. EVORA helps steer our ESG strategy in a practical, comprehensible way to reduce project risks, build social support and generate value”

David Priddis

Corporate Real Estate Director

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The Challenge

ESG is ever evolving in scope and complexity. Even with the assistance of a committed in-house team, to deliver an effective ESG strategy and benefit from tangible positive outcomes, is a significant challenge. EVORA Global have been working with the real estate team since 2019 to establish and continually improve their ESG strategy and approach.

Our Approach

EVORA Global developed an environmental management system, aligned to ISO 14001, to effectively support an ESG strategy. This includes stringent sustainability requirements established for their property managers, with an annual review process and twelve ESG KPIs to monitor progress.

Setting ESG objectives, training, green building certification, audits, quarterly performance monitoring and INREV-aligned sustainability reporting have been key components of their ESG strategy.

Having a strong consultancy team has provided an advantage for on-the-spot niche training and advice into trending ESG topics, including Health & Wellbeing, MEES risk management, embodied carbon and NABERS UK.

The ESG strategy is also a great setting to launch net zero carbon ambitions – EVORA are amending all procedures to target the commitment to produce effective results.

Key Outcomes

The strategy has benefit Canada Life’s GRESB submission – they have appreciated a 102% score improvement since 2018.

From our perspective, our sentiments towards this client are strong. We want them to achieve the best. Those individuals that sit on the real estate ESG Committee are expected to be on the committee for one-year only, but it has been satisfying to see that no members wanted to move on at the end of their term!