Case Study


Lendlease Italy SGR Achieves 5 Stars GRESB Rating Thanks to EVORA Global Support

“This is a significant result considering that we are achieving it for the first time, on our first attempt, a little more than 24 months after the SGR started operations and with our entire portfolio. We are very proud of this recognition and it is further confirmation of our vision of how we intend to build the cities of the future. We are really happy for the results achieved and we thank EVORA for the support in this phase.”

Claudia Imparato

Head of Fund & Asset Management

Case Study information

The Challenge

Lendlease is a globally integrated real estate and investments group with core expertise in shaping cities and creating strong and connected communities. Founded in 1958, the company is listed on the ASX and operate across Australia, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Lendlease manage funds and assets for some of the world’s largest real estate investors and has a strong track record in creating award winning urban precincts where communities thrive, and delivering essential civic and social infrastructure. The Italian Asset Management company has started the operation in 2020, first GRESB submission has been done in 2022 and EVORA Italy worked on all three funds submissions.

Lendlease has tough targets on the ESG side, therefore, both the pressure and the expectations for the results were high.

The process started in Dec 2021, therefore, EVORA Global had a short period of time to work on the submissions. The great results achieved for the three funds demonstrate the quality of the portfolio and the fruitful collaboration with all the stakeholders.

Our Approach

EVORA Global supported Lendlease Italy SGR on its first GRESB submission by working on:

  • Standing Investments: support within tenant engagement activities in order to maximise the collation of performance data coverage and quality.
  • Development: analysis of each development project to better understand to which extent ESG was fully integrated into the planning, design and construction phases.
  • deep analysis of all the group policies, commitments and procedures to maximise the results in the Management Section.

Key Outcomes

Fund Score out of 100 Star Rating out of 5 Peer Group Average
MSG1 99 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 92
RENAISSANCE 96 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 87