Case Study

Frasers Property

Frasers Property UK Achieves 4 Star GRESB Rating Thanks to EVORA Global Support

“A fantastic outcome! Thank you to EVORA for leading our GRESB submissions. In addition to collating all our building information in one place for the first time, through to working with me, our energy broker and property management team to gather information from the business and site teams, Evora clearly knew how to bring all parties together to produce the best possible outcome for FPUK. FPUK was pleased to rank first in our peer group, a notable achievement for our second ever GRESB submission – we are thrilled.”

Amira Hashemi

Sustainability Manager

Case Study information

Our Approach

Key parts of the strategy included:

1. Gap analysis to identify risks and opportunities for obtaining GRESB points.

2. Production of a roadmap for the continual improvement of FPUK’s GRESB score alongside a tool which accurately reflects the increase in scoring that can be achieved as a result of each recommendation.

3. Support during the analysis of data and evidence for submission by EVORA Global’s SIERA platform which links directly to the GRESB portal.

The Solution

A 4-star rating in 2021 was achieved through continued engagement, an effective all-round process for GRESB and improved client performance in REEB BBP Reporting and Sustainability Reporting.

Key Outcomes

  • Frasers Property UK have achieved a GRESB 4-Star rated Portfolio in 2021.
  • This follows a 19-point increase between the 2020 and 2021 GRESB Submission, achieving 85 points overall in 2021.
  • In 2021, FPUK also ranked 1st in their peer group in the UK and 4th in Europe.
  • FPUK continue to work towards becoming a GRESB 5-star Rated Portfolio by 2024 with the support of EVORA Global

SIERA is being fully utilized for internal sustainability reporting and data capture, which has fed into a variety of factors:

  • A clear data management and reporting process is now in place for quarterly reporting
  • Streamlined REEB BBP reporting
  • Internal sustainability and carbon reporting
  • Ongoing GRESB submissions