Case Study

Arsenale SGR

EVORA Global Helps Arsenale Sgr Go Beyond US Regulatory Requirements

“To make a European regulation relevant to a primarily American business, it was absolutely necessary to avoid a “cookie-cutter” approach. EVORA had a completely design-driven style, and carefully designed each document so that it formed strong, reliable relationships with the procedural architecture of the Management Company as a whole”

Edoardo Torrenti

Investment Team Member

Case Study information

The Challenge

Arsenale, based in Milan, Italy, was looking for an expert real estate consultant who could help them engage with their US-based partners in order to be ready to meet investors’ expectations in compliance with ESG EU regulations.

Our Approach

EVORA Global helped Arsenale SGR to go beyond US regulatory requirements, coordinating with the American team in order to incorporate ESG best practices across all the investment cycle.

The key challenge has been to reposition an Investment Management company from standard practice to compliance with the highest ESG standard. The work done will enable Arsenale to be ready to report/participate to SFDR, EU Taxonomy, GRESB, INREV, TCFD and PRI.

Key Outcomes

Arsenale has got now a strong set of key documents and procedures that help incorporate ESG criteria across all the investment cycle.

  • ESG policy and strategy document
  • Acquisition ESG due diligence guidelines
  • Tenant engagement questionnaire
  • Supplier questionnaire
  • Development brief
  • Green lease toolkit
  • ESG performance monitoring software