Case Study


EVORA Global Supported MOMENI in Achieving 4 Stars on their First GRESB Submission

“Together with EVORA Global Germany we have achieved remarkable success in developing the MOMENI ESG strategy 2022, exemplifying our commitment to sustainability through excellence.”

Tristan Holtkamp

Head of ESG at MOMENI Group

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The Challenge

In 2021, EVORA Global and MOMENI, a leading investment manager, embarked on a collaborative journey, leveraging MOMENI’s existing commitment to sustainability.

MOMENI has high sustainability standards. In addition to the already implemented sustainability standards, EVORA Global supported MOMENI with establishing further ideas, approaches, and projects resulting in a comprehensive ESG strategy.

This was MOMENI’s first GRESB submission for the MOMENI Prime Opportunities Fund I (MPOFI) and their intention was to reach 4 stars.

Our Approach

EVORA Global adopted an holistic approach and closely collaborated with MOMENI in three key phases:

  1. Strategy development: This involved assessing the current position and objectives of the company in order to formulate a comprehensive sustainability strategy for MOMENI’s development projects, managed assets and on their corporate level. EVORA Global helped MOMENI to set up effective KPIs for their sustainability reporting.
  2. Policy development: Robust policies were established to foster MOMENI’s operations and decision-making processes regarding ESG issues.

Supporting the initial GRESB submission for the ‘MPOFI’ fund: EVORA Global assessed and supported both MOMENI’s development projects and standing investments. This included, for example, the review of policies and commitments and the work on planning standards.

Key Outcomes

The holistic approach adopted by EVORA Global gained significant momentum and it allowed MOMENI to achieve:

  1. Strong/Holistic ESG strategy on corporate and operational level
  2. Adjoining and elaborated ESG policies
  3. Exceptional first GRESB submission results as follows:
  • 4 Stars
  • 1st in Peer Comparison