Case Study

Invesco Real Estate

EVORA Global Develops Forward-Looking ESG Strategy for Invesco Real Estate

“EVORA delivered a forward-looking strategy which clearly aligned and integrated the value proposition of ESG to our investment strategy. We look forward to working with EVORA on the next stage of our strategy.”

Andy Rofe

Managing Director, Head of Europe

Case Study information

The Challenge

EVORA Global was appointed by Invesco Real Estate (IRE) Europe to re-envision their European Investment Management ESG Strategy. Our brief was to evaluate current IRE Investment Management practices and subsequently identify and prioritise ESG objectives for IRE in Europe, considering risks, opportunities and the evolution of best practice to achieve a leadership position in the region. IRE required objective, forward-looking insights on the value proposition of ESG, both now and in the future, and how this should align to the business strategy for Europe (and beyond, where applicable), while providing flexibility for individual fund characteristics.

Our Approach

Many organisations engage in ESG through ad hoc initiatives, without clarity of approach, or an understanding of how ESG programs can be implemented to support achieving a company’s vision. Our approach is to ensure that an ESG Strategy clearly aligns with the core business goals, and addresses external market drivers, to ensure that individual initiatives add up to more than the sum of their parts.

EVORA undertook a detailed review, including interviews with senior positions across IRE business divisions combined with a review of external regulatory trends and peer analysis to hone and focus the findings into an ESG strategy that recognises nuances and priorities seen within Europe.

Key Outcomes

EVORA Global developed an ESG strategy that delivered a forward-looking strategy that is easily identifiable to IRE Europe, has clarity on integration pathways and can be clearly communicated to investors.

The framework includes two primary components and serves as a structure upon which IRE Europe can continue to build, develop and benchmark its ESG activities and credentials.

  1. Top-down strategy – comprising ESG+R Pillars, Focus Areas and Objectives relating to the most material ESG issues to IRE Europe.
  2. Bottom-up delivery – where IRE Europe can be a market-leader, demonstrating delivered best practice through the activation of Action Plans.

The framework provides both flexibility and common ground across diverse portfolios and mandates and serve as a roadmap for ambitious ESG commitments, now and in the future.