Case Study

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas Achieves Target of Excellent Rating in BREEAM In-Use

“BNPPRE and EVORA Global met at several key stages to talk through progress and maintain the momentum of the project. The EVORA team encouraged us to seek every avenue to obtain further credits and increase our overall score.

Our success was due to the collaboration between EVORA’s expert guidance and the additional sharing of evidence from our occupiers that supported our ultimate goal of an Excellent rating.”

Lucy Taylor

BNPPRE General Manager

Case Study information

The Challenge

10 Fenchurch Avenue, London, is a modern mixed-use office development, completed in 2018, which achieved a BREEAM UK New Construction 2014 ‘Excellent’ rating. Driven by a request from building owner Generali, and to ensure the asset’s sustainability credentials and performance continue to demonstrate best practices during the operation of the building, the target was set to achieve a BREEAM In-Use certification at an ‘Excellent’ rating.

Our Approach

EVORA Global worked very closely with the BNP Paribas Real Estate project team through three phases of work:

  • Initial pre-assessment review of available evidence to determine the expected score and possible shortfall from the targeted ‘Excellent’ rating, including identification of ‘quick win’ improvement opportunities to increase the score.
  • Improvement pathway programme support to advise on implementing relevant improvement opportunities prior to certification, including a more detailed review of available evidence against the BREEAM requirements.
  • Delivery of certification assessment, including extensive site visit and production of detailed and high-quality BREEAM assessor report.

Key Outcomes

  • Energy efficient building fabric and HVAC and lighting systems
  • Extensive energy sub-metering system
  • Excellent visual comfort for building users: daylighting, glare control, lighting levels and view out
  • Widespread integration of accessibility and inclusive design features, including contemplation, wellness and mother’s rooms
  • Roof garden with native floral species and bird boxes providing outdoor space for building users and the general public
  • Greywater and rainwater harvesting systems
  • Impressive provision of bicycle parking spaces and cyclist facilities
  • Multiple electric vehicle recharging stations
  • Refrigerant leak detection system installed on all chillers