Case Study


Biodiversity Action Plan Sees BNP Paribas Belgrave House Win Green Apple Award

“Belgrave House was awarded the Green Apple Award (silver) for Environmental Best Practice in the ‘Conversation’ category in 2018”

Case Study information

The Challenge

Belgrave House has embarked on a sustainability journey since the introduction of an environmental management system (EMS) in 2011. The key focus of the EMS has been upon the main environmental impacts of energy and waste, however the building manager was keen to explore other avenues which addressed the potential opportunities for positively impacting upon the local biodiversity of the area. Addressing biodiversity can often be overlooked in property management due to the difficulty in quantifying benefits and delivering payback.

Our Approach

EVORA Global, in conjunction with the building management team developed a biodiversity action plan for the asset in 2017. This involved a review of the site, the current initiatives and potential future opportunities available at the building to positively impact upon local flora and fauna.

Our work at Belgrave House has spanned over seven years, the strong relationship we have with the building management team ensures we can work seamlessly together to deliver the intended aims of the project.

Key Outcomes

Two bee hives were installed to the roof housing approximately 1,000 bees. The bees are currently generating honey with the intention to harvest after winter. The honey will be given away to tenants to promote the initiative and drive engagement with the sustainability programme.

After the hives were installed, a further opportunity was identified which involved the installation of flower planters on the roof, whilst these may benefit the bees on the roof, the initial intention is to provide a food source for other local insects and bee colonies.

A maintenance programme has been set-up to ensure that the planters continue to provide the maximum benefit possible. The flowers have been specially selected to ensure varying flower periods – to guarantee a consistent food source. The species chosen were selected based upon their ability to thrive in exposed, sunny and windy conditions and require little water. Species introduced includes lavenders, heathers and some hardy perennials.

As a result of the strong work on biodiversity throughout 2017 and 2018, Belgrave House was awarded the Green Apple Award (silver) for Environmental Best Practice in the ‘Conservation’ category in 2018.