Case Study


£58K Savings Achieved Across Five Managed Assets Through Monitoring and Targeting Programme

“EVORA’s Monitoring and Targeting Programme is working really well at 60 Queen Victoria Street, and we have already identified several improvements within the current plant set up that will help us further drive down electricity consumption and increase our overall sustainability credentials within the building.  The monthly call helps to focus our attention on what changes can be easily made and the SIERA platform allows us to monitor consumption in real time.”

Emma Swan

Facilities Manager

Case Study information

As part of a drive for enhanced sustainability across their UK portfolio, JLL instructed EVORA Global to improve the operational performance and deliver energy efficiency and associated cost savings at five of their properties.

Our Approach

To ensure the property maximised its energy efficiency potential, EVORA Global deployed a detailed M&T programme.

Since its inception in February 2018, the JLL M&T programme has enabled the site team to track consumption on a monthly basis at 30-minute intervals via AMR devices fitted to the on-site energy meters.

With support from EVORA Global’s team of expert Consultants, the following has been possible:

  • The identification and implementation of “quick win opportunities” via adjustments to the Building Management System.
  • Early detection and investigation of anomalies.
  • The implementation of an ongoing enhanced energy management strategy, helping to prioritise improvement opportunities identified in recent audits.
  • Tracking of resulting savings and benefits.

Key Outcomes

Annual savings:

  • 705 tonnes CO2e saved
  • 8% energy savings
  • £58k cost savings