The Building Research Establishment (BRE) state that globally there are more than 561,800 BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) certified developments, and almost 2,265,161 buildings registered for assessment since it was first launched in 1990.

BREEAM is therefore widely adopted and often used to augment local planning policy.

There are an increasing number of public and private sector organisations that require a BREEAM rating as part of a development, refurbishment or even occupational strategy.

It is therefore important to maximise where possible a BREEAM rating, but also ensure that there is not a duplication of work – aligning BREEAM calculations with those required with Building Regulations and/or other regulatory or voluntary drivers.

EVORA can undertake calculations and prepare feasibility studies for the suite of BREEAM ENE (energy) credits such as BREEAM ENE1 ‘reduction of CO2 emissions’, BREEAM ENE5 (under BREEAM 2008) and ENE4 (under BREEAM 2011) ‘Low or Zero Carbon Technologies’.

In addition we are early adopters of the innovative Innovate UK funded IMPACT toolset which can be used to gain the MAN05 Life Cycle Costing Credit and MAT01 Life Cycle Impact Credit.

EVORA is experienced in running calculations and preparing reports for BREEAM in the UK and Europe.

Our deep understanding of buildings and the property market generally mean that we can also help to align this work with other requirements/and or maximise any opportunities across various asset management processes.

” I firmly believe that EVORA are leaders in their field and they have opened my eyes to the value that a proactive approach to sustainability can bring.”

Rob HallManaging Director, EPIC Property Asset Management


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