Practical and intuitive to use

“We chose SIERA because it is practical and intuitive to use and helps simplify the many complexities of sustainability analysis and reporting, especially GRESB.”

Charlotte Jacques
Head of SustainabilitySchroder Real Estate

“I have worked with EVORA for six years now. I firmly believe they are leaders in their field, and they have opened my eyes to the value that a proactive approach to sustainability can bring.”

Rob Hall
Managing DirectorEpic Property Asset Management Ltd. (EPAM)

“The advice and support of EVORA has enabled us to take a proactive stance to sustainability, which will help ensure the resilience and future performance of our managed assets.”

Andrew Ladopouli

“We are very proud to use EVORA as our exclusive sustainability consultants. Of all the similar practices out there, we’ve found EVORA to offer the most practical, forward-thinking approach to sustainability.”

Basil Demeroutis
Managing PartnerFORE Partnership

“EVORA has provided expert knowledge, advice, and support on a variety of topics. We look forward to continuing our long-term collaboration with EVORA.”

Karen Palmer
Head of HSE ComplianceLiverpool ONE (Grosvenor)

“Since 2011 EVORA has become our one stop shop for ISO certification support and the many other sustainability services that they can offer and deliver with a platinum service.”

William Ball
General ManagerBelgrave House (Grosvenor)

“The EVORA team’s GRESB support was invaluable; they have a very clear understanding of the survey. It is a real pleasure to work with the EVORA team.”

Daniel Chang
Managing Director, Pan-European Core FundHines UK Ltd

“I have received sound advice on a subject matter of which I had limited knowledge. The value of your services is greater than the cost of them which is a rare commodity, as you’re fully aware.”

Matt Hern
Former DirectorBNP Paribas Real Estate

Why should you choose SIERA?

  • Trusted

    SIERA is the sustainability management software of choice for some of Europe’s largest investment funds. Our clients choose SIERA not only for its powerful capabilities, but also because it is accompanied by our unparalleled sustainability consultancy expertise.

    Our Clients

  • Engaging

    SIERA provides value to and is used by a wide range of functions and roles, including: fund, portfolio, and asset managers; heads of sustainability; managing agents; investment managers; facilities managers; and energy managers. As a result, SIERA can facilitate stakeholder engagement and aid decision making.

  • Future-Proofed

    In SIERA, we have not only created a solution which is fit-for-purpose now, but which is also able to be continuously enhanced to meet industry requirements as these evolve. SIERA is cloud-based and has been specifically designed to harness the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape.

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  • Results

    SIERA actively supports our clients in meeting or exceeding their energy and sustainability goals. It can be used for individual buildings, or collectively across an entire portfolio, identifying energy saving opportunities, automating reporting requirements, and saving time, stress, and money.

    Client Successes

Discover SIERA in less than two minutes.

Explore some of SIERA’s many features and benefits.

To learn more, please watch our video by navigating to the ‘Discover SIERA’ tab, above.

SIERA Screen Image


All your environmental data captured in one robust database.



SIERA cleverly models the data to achieve a range of reporting requirements, which are otherwise complex and resource-intensive to produce.



Delivering completeness and accuracy of data.



Portfolios can be sliced and diced, and applied against an array of reports, which can be exported fully formatted into Excel.



SIERA provides a strategic overview of asset, fund and portfolio performance.



SIERA can reduce data collection and reporting workload by up to 70%.



SIERA’s groundbreaking energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) module can identify significant energy savings.



SIERA can be delivered as a fully managed solution in combination with EVORA’s expert sustainability consultants.

Discover SIERA’s groundbreaking energy Monitoring & Targeting (M&T) module.

To learn more, please watch our video by navigating to the ‘Discover SIERA’ tab, above.

SIERA’s M&T module enables you to select a specific half-hourly (HH) supply (where such energy supplies are set up on SIERA) to analyse energy profiles for operational improvement and anomaly detection.

A month overview is presented, which can be scrolled through to identify specific weeks for more in-depth analysis. Individual days can be selected as well as whole weeks, specific days for each week over the month, and an average view of the month.

Once a more in-depth view is selected (the example shows a typical 7-day view) it is possible to add further detail, including:

  • Overlays of HH profiles for comparison such as same month from the prior year and baselines to measure progress over time
  • Overlays for operational hours and BMS set times to identify out-of-hours usage
  • Alerts for anomaly detection
  • Cumulative view to average 7-day profiles

Automatically alerts you to energy efficiency opportunities

SIERA Monitoring and Targeting Module EVORA Global

Achieve savings without capital expenditure

SIERA Monitoring and Targeting Module EVORA Global

See SIERA in action.

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