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    ESG data intelligence that informs investment decision making for assets and portfolios

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Welcome to SIERA, your new sustainability software management system

Europe’s leading ESG data management platform for real estate investors

Cutting-edge, easy-to-use technology

  • Since 2011 our experts have been building, developing and continually improving SIERA to bring you the powerful tool it is today.
  • Built by ESG experts to enable real estate investors to achieve their sustainability goals.

Unique expertise

  • EVORA has over 80 ESG experts informing the development of SIERA. All of these experts are working in Europe, which is the most advanced ESG market for real estate.
  • EVORA’s consulting services and SIERA software are both in-house, meaning we can easily respond to clients’ needs.

Leading the way

  • SIERA is Europe’s leading and most powerful ESG data management platform and is used across 23 countries by some of the world’s largest real estate organisations.
  • SIERA is ready for upcoming regulations which are influencing real estate investment decisions.

Built for tomorrow

  •  The only ESG software on the market that uses forward-looking data intelligence to explore future scenarios and map out your optimum pathway.
  • With SIERA you can increase asset value and ESG impact whilst reducing your carbon footprint.
EVORA Team ESG Strategy

Trusted investment

  • The combination of our European leadership, forward-looking capability and preparations for upcoming legislation means that your investment in SIERA is future-proofed.
  • Together with our heritage and expertise, your ESG data is in safe hands.

SIERA’s net zero carbon target setting module helps organisations find an optimal path to reducing carbon emissions to zero

Key Features of SIERA

Reduce the time and effort of data acquisition by automatically acquiring, manipulating and transforming data

Improve tracking, analysis and reporting of key sustainability and energy metrics

Make internal reporting and external disclosure of performance easy and ensure high integrity of data quality

Optimize building energy efficiency and avoid the financial risk associated with a sub-standard sustainability performance

Comply with regulations and easily report to external frameworks, including GRESB, whilst tracking against NZC targets and reporting climate risk aligned to TCFD

Support stakeholder conversations to improve asset performance, fulfil asset plans and meet targets

SIERA in Numbers





£118.5 billion




Bespoke dashboards tailored for specific roles and responsibilities

Property & Building Managers

SIERA engages your onsite teams and captures the full ESG picture.



SIERA simplifies data collection and gives you the intelligence to make informed investment decisions.

Fund & Portfolio Managers

SIERA gives you a portfolio summary of ESG performance & risks.

Sustainability Managers

SIERA data intelligence is key to engaging stakeholders to deliver your ESG strategy.


The new ESG data management tool for Property Managers

We chose SIERA because it is practical and intuitive to use and helps simplify the many complexities of sustainability analysis and reporting, especially GRESB.”

Charlotte JacquesHead of Sustainability, Schroder Real Estate

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