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Health and Wellbeing: Emerging or Mainstream?

For many professionals working in the built environment, Health and Wellbeing still feel like relatively new buzzwords. In some ways this is surprising given that the subject area has been around for many years; for example, the term “sick building syndrome” was coined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1986. In reality though, the […]

Slavery: A Very Modern Problem

Almost two centuries since slavery was abolished across the British Empire, slavery has remained an issue. Although slavery has now been abolished globally, it continues to be practiced in many forms and presents a challenge to supply chain management. The term ‘Modern Slavery’ itself encompasses slavery, servitude, human trafficking and forced or compulsory labour. The […]

Health impacts of climate change on indoor environments

A report recently published in the journal Environment International highlights health risks associated with climate-induced change to indoor environments. The report explored four key consequences on indoor environments: overheating, reduced ventilation, indoor air quality (which may lead to the growth of pathogens) and biological contamination such as pest infestations or airborne infectious diseases. Climate change […]