EVORA To Be Main Sponsor of The Crowd’s X Energy 2017

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with our friends at The Crowd and will be one of the Main Sponsors at X Energy 2017 in October.

EVORA has come a long way in its six years.

It’s amazing to think that Chris, Paul and Ed left DTZ to start Sustainable Commercial Solutions together in 2011, spotting an opportunity to deliver a better level of sustainability consultancy expertise to the commercial real estate sector. And then came SIERA, our sustainability management software, which was specifically designed for the commercial real estate investment market.

Fast forward six years and the EVORA team is now 21 strong, we’re revolutionising the way technical engineering and M&E consultancy services are delivered thanks to EVORA EDGE, and SIERA now manages data for the likes of Schroder Real Estate, USS, Europa Capital, and Rockspring to name a few. Not to mention all the GRESB work we do as a Premier Partner, and the multiple events we’ve hosted, including the 2016 40% Symposium in Berlin, and the Healthy Buildings Conference with BRE and Arup in London.

To be one of the Main Sponsors of an event like X Energy 2017 is another big step for us.

[clickToTweet tweet=”News: @evoraglobal to be Main Sponsor at @thecrowd’s X Energy 2017 in October! More info here” quote=”EVORA will be a Main Sponsor at The Crowd’s X Energy 2017 in October. 50+ already registered. More details here…”]

With 160+ senior energy, sustainability, property, and facilities professionals in the room, we will be hosting two roundtable sessions that play to our deep expertise in sustainability, energy, and data management (exact topics TBC), as well as having a series of one-to-one meetings with key decision makers who will be looking for support with their sustainability goals.

Here’s some information about the event, direct from the X Energy landing page:

This impactful half day event will explore the intersection of energy and tech, inspiring and connecting the leading minds from a mix of energy intensive sectors.

We’ll explore how disruptive technologies, new energy management strategies and financing models are exponentially changing energy programmes in large organisations, and share knowledge and latest thinking amongst the community. The programme on the day is a mix of inspiring keynotes, high level panels, peer roundtable discussions and structured networking.

With over 50 attendees already registered five months in advance, X Energy 2017 is already lining up to be a fantastic event.

We will be publishing a series of event-related content between now and October, so stay tuned to our blog and social media channels, and make sure you’re signed up to receive our newsletters.

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Greater Automation in SIERA Delivers Even Greater GRESB Reporting Efficiencies

It’s that time of year again; GRESB reporting has the potential to take over your life.

The complexity in pulling together the varied data elements alone can be enough to make you want to pull your hair out! But GRESB continues to gain momentum and there is no doubt it is mobilising many organisations to take action to collate and better understand their environmental data, which should lead to performance improvement.

So is there a magic solution to deal with the complexity of GRESB data reporting?

Well yes, actually!

GRESB has allowed the automated transfer of Performance Indicator (PI) data from sustainability management software systems, such as SIERA, directly into the GRESB portal for the last few years.

SIERA, our proprietary sustainability software developed specifically for the real estate industry, was one of the first software platforms to transfer PI data directly into the GRESB portal, which we implemented for the 2015 reporting year.

The PI automation, together with SIERA’s revolutionary ‘Drag & Drop’ data loading capability has seen efficiencies of at least 70% in delivering GRESB reporting.

Automating the reporting is only one-half of the challenge. The potentially bigger half is the collation of the data in a format that enables the PI reporting. SIERA has revolutionised this process through its highly efficient ‘Drag and Drop’ data loading functionality – never before has loading and validating sustainability data been so easy and efficient.

[clickToTweet tweet=”SIERA’s drag & drop #data loading can lead to efficiencies of >70% in delivering @GRESB reporting” quote=”SIERA’s Drag & Drop data loading capability has seen efficiencies of at least 70% in delivering GRESB reporting”]

Even more GRESB reporting efficiencies for 2017?

This year, GRESB has gone a step further and incorporated additional questions, beyond the PI reporting, into their Asset-level Integration – an asset level template that can be interfaced into the GRESB portal providing semi-automation. These include some qualitative questions around whether the reporting entity monitors energy, water or waste (Qs 23 -24) as well as well as completion of technical building assessments (Q16).

SIERA has already built these into its GRESB Asset Interface template. But we’ve gone a step further with SIERA and automated the responses for R5.1 (portfolio characteristics) and Q31 (EPC coverage) delivering further efficiencies and simplification to the GRESB reporting process.

SIERA: it’s leading the way in GRESB data automation and reporting.

 To learn more about how SIERA can deliver GRESB reporting efficiencies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

GRESB Premier PartnerAs a GRESB Real Estate Premier Partner, we are perfectly positioned to provide GRESB support. View our official Premier Partner profile.

We can work with you to complete the submission and understand your scoring, as well as develop a sustainability plan that will improve your future GRESB performance and align with your organisation’s key environmental objectives.

EVORA Needs Two Excellent Data Analysts to Support Its Rapid Growth

The title says it all!

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that either you, or someone you know, might be interested in this exciting opportunity to become a data analyst for EVORA. So please go ahead and use the social sharing buttons on this page to spread the word.

The full job spec is available as a PDF here, including details of how to apply.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The secret to future-proofing your portfolio. How data can make your buildings more productive, profitable and resilient to change.

Notes from the 2017 GRESB-Siemens Spring Conference.

Some colleagues and I attended a fascinating event a few days ago organised by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) and Siemens which focused on climate change, the contributions real estate makes to emissions, and our ability to make significant changes by shifting the paradigm.

One of the things that struck me was the bi-polar tone of the discussions at the event. Speakers and attendees would swing from dark, pessimistic views of the status quo to wildly enthusiastic proclamations about some of the amazing latest trends and technologies that are coming out. And you know what? They’re right. The current status quo is unacceptable, but sustainability and environmental responsibility is slowly becoming a more mainstream part of the decision-making process. But in an industry that can be resistant to change we must justify the push for sustainability within real estate with cold hard data. Without this we have no chance of bringing about the change we all know is necessary.

If the industry is not pushing to engage all stakeholders, then we will never make the changes we want to see. Sustainability is often spoken about by sustainability professionals in a ‘Sustainability Silo’ and we spend our time shouting at ourselves in our own echo chambers. As much as the rest of the market needs to recognise the importance of sustainability in terms of reducing risk and making assets more productive, as sustainability practitioners we need to get out there and prove our points with data.

Reliable data is clearly still an issue as 65% of the GRESB-Siemens Spring Conference attendees highlighted that they wanted more data to drive the sustainability agenda.

[clickToTweet tweet=”65% of attendees highlighted that they wanted more #data to drive the #sustainability agenda.” quote=”65% of the GRESB-Siemens Spring Conference attendees highlighted that they wanted more data to drive the sustainability agenda.”]

Getting data these days is not a problem. Every year we produce and collect more data than has existed in the entire history of humankind before. But with so much data, how do you make sense of it all? ‘Dark Data’ is one of the challenges that we’re facing. We have become so inundated with information that we’re unable to make informed decisions. Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power, but only if you understand it.  This is why sustainability data management systems are so valuable to the real estate sector.

To make buildings more efficient and productive, as a first step, you don’t need to invest tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds in new LED lighting, fancy new lifts or filtration systems (although they do help of course). No, firstly you need to use the data you’re already creating and use it to get the basics right. At EVORA, we have developed our own sustainability data management software called SIERA, which simplifies the process and helps make sense of data in the operational sphere to support strategic decision making.

Through our suite of SIERA managed solutions, we have been able to help identify efficiencies of 10-15% per annum for our clients, without any capex costs. Not only is this a long-term benefit for the asset, it is also a competitive selling point in the short term.

Within the CRE sector, there is disagreement about whether ‘green premiums’ actually exist. Will a tenant pay more for a more sustainable building? Maybe, maybe not. But I am confident that tenants will be interested in a ‘green discount’. If an asset manager can make their building more efficient and thereby reduce the service charge and operating costs for their tenants, this will make the building more attractive. At EVORA, we have been able to achieve £0.54 per square foot reductions in service charge through no-cost actions using data as the primary enabler. Let’s say a tenant based in Office A has 10,000 square feet of space, that is a saving of £5,400 p/a. The asset manager would likely not have been able to achieve these savings without the data to identify the points of improvement, which demonstrates why it is so important to have an automated software like SIERA within a property to make it more competitive.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Fact: you can achieve reductions of £0.54 per ft2 in service charge using #data as primary enabler” quote=”Fact: you can achieve reductions of £0.54 per square foot in service charge through no-cost actions using data as the primary enabler”]

One could argue that the cost of energy today is so low that this isn’t a priority, but the point of sustainability is not about the short term. Harnessing the power of the data that is created in a property and being able to easily translate and utilise that data to make high ROI improvements is about future-proofing investments.

Fund managers have a fiduciary duty to manage assets in the most responsible way possible and, by ignoring the raw data that their properties are already producing, they’re missing a huge opportunity.

It was interesting to hear the honest answer from a fund manager at the GRESB-Siemens conference, who made it quite plain that he doesn’t prioritise sustainability when evaluating new acquisitions, but he recognises the increasing importance of sustainability in transactions. Although fund managers are perhaps not seeing the short-term value in integrating sustainability within organisations, it is becoming increasingly clear that it now forms an essential part of mitigating risk for the medium to long term.

By implementing sustainability data management systems, asset or fund managers can utilise the existing data in their properties to make them more attractive for tenants in the short term and to make them more resilient to environmental and economic shocks in the long term.  However, they can only do this if the dark data they produce is brought into the light by systems like SIERA.

[clickToTweet tweet=”How asset managers are bringing their #darkdata into the light with #susty #software like SIERA” quote=”How asset and fund managers are bringing their dark data into the light with sustainability software like SIERA”]

Fund managers are now able to use this new data by comparing their performance against the rest of the market through GRESB benchmarking. This information allows them to understand their own performance and identify points of improvement, but also benchmark themselves against their competitors.

This is becoming increasingly important as investors and occupiers put a stronger emphasis on the sustainability and environmental performance of buildings.

As human beings, we have a responsibility to take care of the world we live in and it is changing at a faster pace than ever before. With the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015 I believe the world recognised its ‘tobacco moment’ and the impact that real estate has on the emissions we produce. Unfortunately, some of the market is still stuck in its ‘smoker’s dilemma’ where they don’t see any noticeable change by not optimising their existing real estate infrastructure, but rest assured those in the market who have recognised and acted on the risk of unsustainable properties will be more competitive and resilient to shocks to the market in the near or long-term future.

The only constant is change and we live in a world of change on steroids. Those organisations who wait on government legislation or markets to force their hands will be left behind.

The future belongs to the brave, and data is knowledge.

To discover how SIERA can help improve the value of your portfolio, please contact us today.

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