SIERA: Your Perfect Software for GRESB

Transform your GRESB data capture and reporting with SIERA, a powerful sustainability and asset management software tool designed for the real estate industry.

SIERA manages environmental data for billions of pounds worth of real estate and is being rapidly adopted by organisations across the globe.

“We chose SIERA because it has been specifically designed for the commercial real estate investment market. It is practical and intuitive to use and helps simplify the many complexities of sustainability analysis and reporting, especially GRESB.”

Charlie Jacques, Head of Sustainability

Schroder Real Estate

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SIERA is a practical, innovative and simple environmental management software system, designed to deal with today’s stringent reporting requirements.

SIERA holds all your environmental data in one secure database with powerful validation tools to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your data. Intelligent modelling capability achieves a range of reporting requirements, which are otherwise complex and resource-intensive to produce such as GRESB and CRC.

And while you can be confident you have a unique and robust database to hold and model your data, all reports are fully formatted into Excel, giving you familiarity and ease of use.

Find out how SIERA can transform your environmental data capture and reporting.

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Working Together to Unlock the Potential of ESOS

EVORA is delighted to announce its partnership with Planet First, the sole providers of The Planet Mark certification. We’re working together to unlock the potential of ESOS.

Provided by Planet First in association with the Eden Project, The Planet Mark sustainability certification will add significant value to ESOS audits by embracing broader environmental impacts beyond energy including waste and water.

Speaking about the partnership, EVORA Founder and Managing Director Chris Bennett commented, “We are excited to have achieved both the Planet Mark certification for our own business and to be working in partnership with Planet First. Together, we can provide practical sustainability solutions supported by a meaningful certification programme. With ESOS potentially impacting more than 10,000 organisations, it is important to be able to offer a more unique, value added solution. ”

Providing practical toolkits to monitor and reduce related carbon emissions, The Planet Mark programme encourages employee participation, strengthens a business’ brand and reputation and demonstrates to its stakeholders a credible and long-term commitment to sustainability.

For further information on ESOS, the Planet Mark or any other sustainability issue please contact:

EVORA Are Seeking an Environmental Consultant at Associate Director Level

EVORA are seeking to recruit an environmental consultant at Associate Director level. Experience in resource efficiency with a direct application to commercial property is essential, as is plenty of enthusiasm and a passion for sustainability.

Please respond to