Stanford encouraged to rid itself of fossil fuel investments

Three hundred professors at Stanford, including Nobel laureates and this year’s Fields medal winner, are calling on the university to rid itself of all fossil fuel investments, in a sign that the campus divestment movement is gathering force.

In a letter to Stanford’s president, John Hennessy, and the board of trustees, made available exclusively to the Guardian, the faculty members call on the university to recognise the urgency of climate change and divest from all oil, coal and gas companies.

Stanford, which controls a $21.4bn (£14.2bn) endowment, eliminated direct investments in coalmining companies last May, making it the most prominent university to cut its ties to the industries that cause climate change. Months later, however, the university invested in three oil and gas companies.

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Why the business case for sustainability can’t be based on numbers alone

If companies are going to make a significant step towards sustainability, they need to look beyond short term profit. Charles Eisenstein makes the case.

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Paris climate talks – our most significant task for 2015



This year’s almost mythic, defining task is to roll the boulder of a new climate agreement uphill to Paris