Metering Strategies

One of the biggest challenges to improving energy efficiency is a lack of useful data. Organisations are generally unaware of how well their buildings are performing.

To manage the energy consumption within a building the first requirement is to accurately meter and monitor all major plant. So-called ‘smart’ metering systems provide total visibility of the consumption of individual plant and can help identify faulty equipment, controls and energy inefficient operations.

EVORA can design your metering and monitoring strategy and then manage a non-disruptive implementation programme.

We implement metering strategies that meet the requirements of the UK Building Regulations in accordance with the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) guidance document TM39 Building Energy Metering.

Using our in-house sustainability management software, SIERA, we can provide visibility of metered data through an online dashboard. This allows all interested parties the opportunity to review and monitor energy consumptions.

EVORA has the skills and software in place to design and install a full energy metering solution. We can project manage the installation phase and then implement a monitoring solution that fits your business requirements.

” I firmly believe that EVORA are leaders in their field and they have opened my eyes to the value that a proactive approach to sustainability can bring.”

Rob HallManaging Director, EPIC Property Asset Management

Metering Strategies

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