Mathilde Francois-Downey

Sustainability Consultant

Mathilde started working for EVORA in May 2021. In her previous environmental consultancy role, she supported the management of large multidisciplinary teams to deliver environmental impact assessments within the energy and transport sectors. She also researched the environmental, social and economic impacts of plastic and waste management policies on plastic pollution in various countries for the World Bank.

What are your main responsibilities?

I support European and UK clients with ESG strategy and implementation through improvement programmes, net zero carbon analysis, stakeholder engagement (in French and English), data collection, validation and monitoring as well as quarterly reporting.

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is enabling change and driving the sustainability agenda. By working for EVORA, I am working with a purpose and alongside like-minded individuals.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Growing up I wanted to be surrounded by animals all day and so wished to become a vet. What I didn’t quite realise at the time was that the sight of blood made me woozy. I since decided to simply stick to petting animals and maybe one day have my own!


MSc Sustainability and Consultancy (University of Leeds), Bachelor of Business Studies and French (Trinity College Dublin), Graduate IEMA


Sustainability and ESG strategy, environmental management, stakeholder engagement, project management.